Jamia and Shaheen Bagh’s Anti-CAA Protest Sites Attacked during Janata Curfew


Petrol bomb hurled at Shaheen Bagh’s Protest sites

Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Attacks were made on Jamia and Shaheen Bagh protest sites — the two epicenters of anti-CAA, NPR, NRC movement in Delhi — in the morning of the Janata Curfew on Sunday. A gunshot was fired at Gate 7 of Jamia Millia Islamia and two petrol bombs have been hurled in Shaheen Bagh area.

The two attacks took place simultaneously. Perpetrators were seen brandishing a gun in the morning, from which they fired an aerial shot at Gate 7 of JMI. Two petrol bombs were hurled at the protest site at Shaheen Bagh. It caused a fire near the tent and at a nearby hospital.

“We were inside the tent. We heard the sound of a blast and then we saw fire beyond two barricades of the tent,” said Prakash Devi, a protester at Shaheen Bagh. As part of the day’s Janata Curfew, women of Shaheen Bagh reduced their number at the site. Less than ten women were present in the morning, and later their slippers were placed there as the symbol of their presence.

Prakash Devi told Clarion India that the police looked the other way and did not see as someone threw petrol bombs.

The report of a gunshot at Jamia was confirmed by the proctor of the university. “Someone came on the bike and ran towards Sarai Julena. Nobody got hurt, as the site was vacant,” said Wasim Ahmed Khan.

The incident has been reported to the police. The evidences, the shell of the bullet and a lighter found at the site of the incident, were collected by the police.

With these two incidents, the total number of attacks on both the protest sites rose to six. Earlier, two shots had been fired in Jamia and there were two incidents of gunshot and brandishing a gun at Shaheen Bagh.

“Petrol Bomb was hurled on barricades away from the protesters, we have recovered some bottles used in the case and are investigating on it,” Additional DCP, Kumar Gyanesh said.

“Two people were seen on a bike near the barricades, we are checking the CCTV footages for detailed investigation,” Gyanesh added.

Senior police officials have also added that they are investigating if the bottles had crude oil in it or their some other chemicals used in the bottles that were thrown at the barricades.

“We are still confirming if there was petrol or some other chemical in bottles, exact information will be shared after that,” a Joint Commissioner of Police rank officer told IANS.


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