Jamaat Urges Vote Against Those With Communal Background



JAIPUR — The Rajasthan unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hindi has released a ‘charter of demands’ and appealed to citizens not to vote those leaders with communal or criminal background.

The state General Secretary of JIH, Dr Kareem Rasool Falahi, while releasing the carter of demands, said, “Unfortunately people with communal, fascists and criminal background dominate the political landscape of our country. We hence through our charter of demands want to appeal to all political forces and the people to clean the politics. ”

When asked about the support extended to the Welfare Party of India, state secretary Waqar Ahmed said that WPI is inspired by the ideologies of JIH and hence they will extend their full support to the WPI candidates wherever they are contesting elections.

WPI has fielded candidates at only three constituencies in the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections.

In the rest of the constituencies, JIH will extend support to leader with ‘clean image’ who ‘upholds the values of secularism’ in consultation with local JIH cadres.

The charter of demands include welfare schemes for poor marginalized farmers, minorities, those related to security, fundamental rights, basic health care, education, loan to poor at cheaper rates, etc, besides taking measures to control communal riots.


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