Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Undertakes Repair/Construction of Houses for Delhi Riot Victims

JIH leaders surveying affected areas

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), one of the largest Muslim organisations in India, has come forward to take up the task of repairing or constructing the houses of Delhi violence victims. JIH national secretary Mohammed Ahmed is currently visiting the affected areas to survey the loss of houses and give tenders to contractors to start the works.

The anti-Muslim communal violence had broke out in northeast Delhi In the last week of February. Over 54 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands were displaced in a three-day violence under the watch of Delhi Police.

JIH started relief works for the victims soon after the violence ended. Due to the Corona lockdown, the relief works were hampered. It is being resumed after JIH secretary Ahmed visited the affected areas on Tuesday.

Speaking to Clarion India, Ahmed said they have surveyed around 600 houses which needs repair or rebuilding. Besides, there are other NGOs and organisations like Jamiat Ulam-e-Hind involved in the similar works. He said that his organisation is looking for building or repairing houses of all those who were left out.

“Around 600 houses have been burnt down. There are other organisations which are also working on this. We have started works on 25 houses. And we are reviewing houses one by one in every affected areas. Our intention is that if any other group comes to build their houses, they are welcome. But if they don’t, we will build all of them on our own,” said Ahmed.

He said that his organisation is trying to reach out those areas where nobody has reached. For Example, in Jafferabad’s Medukala, which is situated in one-sided areas, 11 houses have been burnt down. They reached there and started work on those houses. He said first they are trying to rebuild the houses before reviving the businesses and shops of the victims.

He said that the lockdown is hampering the reconstruction as there is shortage of laborers and the contractors. However, they are going to start the works whenever they get laborers.

Many victims of the Delhi violence went back to their native villages during the lockdown. Those who stayed back in Delhi were living on the food packets and ration kits distributed by the NGOs and the government, he said adding that JIH also distributed ration kits and food packets during lockdown and paid special attention to the riot affected areas.

“They are standing up on their feet gradually. They did not lose hope. But they are very distressed. When we visit the area, people rush to us in a desperate mood. In Shiv Vihar, people are severely affected and poor. In other areas, people are standing on their feet with the help of NGOs and government,” Ahmed said.



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