Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Demands Withdrawal of Sedition Case against Zafarul Islam Khan


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NEW DELHI –  Expressing grave concerns over the sedition case against Zafarul Islam Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind President Syed Sadatullah Hussaini demanded to quash the FIR registered by Delhi Police’s Special Cell against Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman under grave sections of the Indian Penal Code.

In a media statement, the JIH President Hussaini said: “Speaking on and drawing the attention of the government towards the various injustices perpetrated on the minorities is part of his official duty. If the news of this FIR is true, then it is apparent that not only the trusted individuals but also even important democratic institutions are no longer safe from the police transgression. This is a matter of great concern for the entire nation.”

JIH said that Khan is a respectable intellectual, writer and journalist. His writings in Urdu, Arabic and English are read all over the world. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission, an important legal and quasi-judicial institution.

Hussaini said: “One may differ with some of the aspects of the social media post of Khan which is being used to file this FIR. He has also issued a note of clarification regarding it.”

He praised the genuine efforts of Khan, as the Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission, to solve the problems of the minorities.

“The timely actions by Khan have increased the confidence of Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and all the other minorities of Delhi on the Minorities Commission. He has written extensively against extremism and religious violence all over the world. He has been very critical of ISIS and other radical organisations through his statements and analytical articles and has played an important role in the fight against extremism.

“Today if he says something against the growing extremism and communalism in the country then it should be taken as his love for the people and the nation and as part of his ongoing fight against extremism and radicalism,” he added.

JIH has demanded that the government and the Delhi Police should withdraw this case and stop the people who are misinterpreting the statement of Khan to create division and hatred despite his clarification.

Few days ago, the Delhi police filed sedition case against the DMC chief Khan after the ruling BJP and Hindutva activists raised objections over Khan’s statement thanking the Kuwait government for speaking up against the attacks on Muslims in India.


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