Jailed Mumbai Youth Asghar Mumtaz Mansoori’s Suicide Shocks Family



Nashik Road Central Prison

Close relatives of Asghar Mumtaz Mansoori summoned to Nashik for information on suicide note, where he blames four prison officials

Ashok Kumar | Clarion India

MUMBAI – When Mumtaz Nana got a call from the Nashik Road Central Prison last week, he was shocked to hear that he had to take his son’s body home to Mumbai for burial.

“Our son Asghar Mumtaz Mansoori had committed suicide and we were told to take the body home for burial,” a sad and worried Mumtaz Nana told Clarion India on Wednesday. “We went to Nashik on October 7 and two days later brought his body to Mumbai for burial.” But on Wednesday, he was preparing to go back to Nashik again, after being summoned by the prison authorities.

The family was told on Tuesday that the post-mortem of the body revealed a suicide note kept in a small pouch in his stomach, where he blamed four prison officials for harassing him of late. “Over the past few months, he was very frustrated and was tortured in the jail,” Amjad Ali, the youngest brother of Asghar, told this correspondent. “Sadly, my brother committed suicide just six months before he was to be finally released.”

Asghar Mumtaz Mansoori/

The tragic incident has shattered the family, whose members were in a shock more than a week after the incident. Asghar Mumtaz Mansoori was 32 and his friends in Nashik prison told the family that he was also a cheerful person. “I have not been able to visit him since March after the outbreak of Covid-19,” said Mumtaz Nana.

Mohammed Zubair Kasim Shaikh, another inmate of the jail, wrote a detailed letter to the jail authorities, highlighting the incident that resulted in Asghar committing suicide. He urged the authorities to take action against four jail officials for harassing Asghar and for abetment in the suicide.

Mohammed described Asghar as a jolly person, who was friendly with all. But over the past seven months he was kept in a separate part of the prison, with some officials accusing him of taking ‘ganja’. His pleas for shifting to the open prison were also refused and he sought help from Mohammed and others. “He was crying like a child, but I calmed him down and he began to smile again,” said Mohammed.

Asghar had been arrested in 2007 in connection with a fight with some other youth, in which one person was killed. According to his family members, he had always denied that he was involved in the killing, but he was tried and jailed.



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