Israel-Hamas War: Pray and Not Protest, Clerics Advise Muslims 


In an appeal issued on Friday, imams, preachers and Muslim devotees have been asked to organise Qunut-e-Nazla, a prayer in times of war.

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NEW DELHI — As casualties in the war between Israel and Hamas mount, several clerics have issued an appeal to Muslims in the country to hold special prayers and maintain peace. They also appealed the Muslims not to resort to protests on the streets.

In an appeal issued on Friday, the clerics called on imams, preachers and Muslim devotees to organise Qunut-e-Nazla, a prayer in times of war.

“In view of the current situation, all Muslims should organise Qunut-e-Nazla. Whenever there is general persecution, killing and looting of the people of faith, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is to organise Qunut-e-Nazla. It is the responsibility of the people of Islam to organise Qunut-e-Nazla as well as perform dua and Istighfar (act of seeking forgiveness from Allah) on the occasion,” a joint statement from the clerics said.

The appeal was issued by Maulana Sagheer Ahmad Rashadi, Ameer-e-Shariat of Karnataka; Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shoaibullah Khan of Jamiat Ulama Hind (JUH); Maulana Muhammad Maqsood Imran Rashadi of Deoband; Maulana Mufti Iftikhar Ahmed Qasmi of JUH; Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Nadvi of Ahl-e Hadees; and Maulana Qari Zulfiqar Raza Noori of Ahl-e Sunnat Ul Jamaat.

Nearly a week after Hamas fighters crossed through Israel’s heavily fortified separation fence and killed over 1,300 Israelis, Israel is preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza for the first time in nearly a decade. A ground offensive would likely drive up the Palestinian death toll, which already has outpaced the past four bloody wars between Israel and Hamas.

Israel’s campaign on Gaza has levelled entire neighbourhoods, killing over 1,400 people, more than 60% of them women and children, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. More than 340,000 have been displaced — 15% of Gaza’s population.

The Israeli military says it is striking Hamas infrastructure and aims to avoid civilian casualties — a claim that Palestinians reject.

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