Is Project Management Your Forte? Take on the PMP Certification Right Away to Give Our Career a Flight


The PMP Credential is the world’s most prestigious project management certification. Employers would need to fill about 2.2 million additional project-based employment each year until 2027, according to a study. Candidates interested to pursue the same can opt for PMP Certification online on several platforms. After certificate level PMP courses, students wanting to pursue higher studies can do the same by pursuing a Diploma, PhD or even MBA in Project Management and in addition to this, they also have the option to look for jobs in the project management industry. An applicant having a PMP Certification in India earns an approximate of 15-25% more than employees who are not certified in an organization or group. This article contains details on the PMP Certification in India.

What is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is one of the world’s most renowned project management program. The PMP, now includes anticipatory, innovative and evolutionary algorithms, validates the project leadership experience and skills in almost every mode of operation. It also bolsters careers of project managers throughout sectors and assists firms in finding the talent they are in search of to work smarter and accomplish better.

PMP Certification in India

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification primarily validates a candidate’s ability to manage and supervise projects. This certification is valid for a period of 3 years. In India, there are a variety of institutes that provide Project Management Professional training (PMP) even though self-study is effective, coaching or an external guide definitely accelerates the learning process and provides the candidate with more exposure. To maintain their PMP Certification, the candidate must complete 60 professional development units (PDUs) during a three-year period. The certification and continuing certification requirements start from the day of passing the PMP test and end within a span of 3 years following the same day.

Eligibility for PMP Certification

When a highly educated and qualified potential employee has Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification as an additional designation, the employers will tend to take more interest knowing that they have qualified the strict Project Management Professional (PMP) certification eligibility guidelines as well as the examination. Prior to applying for the PMP test, the following prerequisites are to be met:

Parameters Higher degree Four-year degree
Hours required to supervise and manage projects- 7500 4500
Training hours dedicated to project management learning- 35 35

Qualification- In order to make reasonable decisions it is necessary for a project manager to be able to exercise his/her reading, writing capabilities, performing audits, understanding new concepts, bringing new ideas and plans to the forefront etc. A four-year degree or an equivalent or a secondary degree or equivalent are required for project management certification. The equivalent degree can be related to any field.

Experience- A potential examinee having a secondary degree must in the least have 7,500 hours of experience pertaining to managing and administering the projects in order to be eligible for the Project Management Professional (PMP). Whereas, a 4-year degree holder could gain certifiability with a mere 4,500 hours of practice in managing and directing project activities. A project manager should ideally have experience in all stages of the project and similar experience should be gained by him in the previous 8 years.

Training- In addition to 35 hours of project management training and work on real-world projects, the certification also requires at least 60 PDUs, supplemented by mentorship and training. The same type of training can be delivered by a PMI-certified education trainer or even a non-REP.

Cost of PMP Certification in India

The exam price was $555 for non-PMI (Project Management Institute) members and $405 for PMI members in 2021. A PMI membership costs $129 a year along with an application fee of $10 needed to be paid once thereby making the test less expensive for candidates having a membership.

In India the same shall be converted as- Member: INR 23,459.00, Non-member: INR 42,863.00. A total cost of INR 50,000 (minimum) covering test and preparatory costs. Professional schools offering PMP Certification charge between INR 15,000-25,000.

The PMP Certification Exam confirms that a candidate possesses the project management qualities that companies are looking for presently. The three main viewpoints are included in the revised Project Management Professional (PMP)-

  1. Swift or agile;
  2. Hybrid or innovative;
  3. Predictive

The exam pattern includes a total of 200 multiple choice questions. 25 of these are considered to be only sample questions and are not incorporated in the official mark calculation.

How to get PMP Certification in India?

Candidates who complete the prerequisites and pass the exam are granted the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. The same is valid for a period of 3 years. The first step would be to check if the candidate meets all the eligibility requirements or not. The candidate is advised to keep a track of all his/her projects, training and information such as precise job, duties and length of projects or training so the candidate has it handy during the process of application.

The second step involves the application process, wherein candidates are directed to create an account with PMI and begin the application process for the PMP test. The same will require disclosing basic biographical information such as name, occupation, school, university as well as the specific projects one has worked on. Followed by which the candidate shall pay the exam fee and a test date shall be provided.

The third step focuses on preparation for the PMP examination. A candidate can prepare for the test either by the help of coursework or through self-study. Several test prep companies recommend studying for 60 to 120 hours.

The fourth step is to take the exam. The exam can be taken in person or online at a testing center nearby. The time duration for the same is under 4 hours.

The final step involves that the candidate must maintain his/her certification. In order to do so, the candidate must spend 60 hours a year on professional development activities.

PMP Certification in India: Best Institutes and It’s Fees

Some of the best institutes for PMP certification along with their fees has been mentioned below:

Name of the institute Location Fees
IIBM Institute of Business Management Delhi INR 15,000
Indian School of Business Management and Administration Bangalore INR 25,000
International School of Management Studies Pune INR 70,000
Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology Chennai N. A

Is it worth doing a PMP Certification in India?

Whether a PMP certification is worthwhile professionally and financially depends on specific circumstances. Benefits can be understood from the following points.

Industry Recognition– The PMP certification can demonstrate to employers or clients that a candidate understands the intricacies of project management along with having the necessary expertise and training.

High Salaries- According to the PMI, in 2018 a poll indicated that citizens globally received a median pay of $115,000 if they possessed the certification and $92,000 if they did not. The longer one had the PMP certification, the higher was the median salary.

New Skills- As a candidate studied for the PMP exam, they will most likely learn a lot about project management. Investing time in learning project management principles such as budgeting, dispute resolution etc. will definitely contribute towards helping them become an efficient project manager with additional skills.

Job Prospects- According to a survey published by the PMI and Anderson Economic Group, a total of 200,000 new project management positions are predicted every year in the USA in a decade. The same are also hired by the healthcare industry, banking, finance etc. Job prospects are abundant if one has a PMP certification.

The PMP Certification is extremely valuable and benefits of the same can be found in practically every significant country in the world. Many businesses also prepare and give training to their personnel pertaining to the PMP Certification. Aside from a greater salary, it also boosts the stability of an individual’s job.



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