Indore: Victim of Hate-Crime Muslim Bangle Seller Gets Bail After 107 Days

A bangle-seller in Indore was brutally thrashed by a Hindutva mob.

“The court noted that a second FIR was filed to protect goons who were booked for beating up Tasleem.”

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI — A Muslim bangle seller who was beaten up by a Hindu mob in Indore for doing business in a Hindu locality and later arrested for allegedly touching a 13-year-old girl inappropriately was granted bail on Tuesday after spending 107 days in jail, his lawyer Ehtisham Hashmi told Clarion India. 

The court of Justice Sujoy Pal at the Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court granted  bail to Tasleem Ali after hearing arguments from both the sides in a series of hearings.

Ali was assaulted by a Hindu mob while selling bangles in the Banganga area of Indore on August 22. He was not only beaten but the mob reportedly destroyed his documents and stole a sum of Rs. 10,000/- also from him. The attack which was filmed on camera sparked massive outrage.

But when Ali went to Police to register a complaint against the mob, police did not file a case. It was only after a group of people led by local Muslim activists gathered outside the police station demanding action following which FIR was lodged.

Later, Ali was arrested on a complaint filed by a family that he inappropriately touched their 13-year old girl. While his attackers were also booked and arrested, the police invoked serious charges under POCSO Act and sent Ali to jail.

“The court came to this conclusion that Tasleem should be granted bail after all he was the one who was assaulted,” said lawyer Hashmi. “The court noted that a second FIR was filed to protect goons who were booked for beating up Tasleem.”

Hashmi said that the bail to Ali is demonstration of the fact that law is based on the Constitution and not on the whims of the people.

On the delay in bail which took more than 100 days, Hashmi explained that the prosecution were seeking hearing after hearing. “It was a conspiracy to make sure Tasleem languishes in jail for a longer time. Even today they were seeking more time giving the excuse of having to verify something but the judge did not accept that and granted bail.”


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