Indian Professor in Saudi Arabia Fired for Islamophobic Tweets


Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A University in Saudi Arabia fired an Indian professor for posting Islamophobic messages on twitter. The professor at Jazan University of the Kingdom is latest to join the ranks of the hatemongers punished by the authorities in the Gulf for carrying out smear campaign against Muslims online.

The professor, whose name has been withheld by the university, had made communal remarks against Muslims in violation of the university norms. His dismissal comes at a time when Gulf countries have literally launched a crackdown on people posting hate messages on social media. Like him, several expats from India have been booked and fired from their jobs after being caught indulging in bigotry.

Jazan University wrote on its twitter page, “Based on what was monitored by the university about the publication of a contracted faculty member for offensive posts and tweets, his registration has already been folded. #JazanUniversity affirms that it resolutely addresses any perverted or extremist ideas that affect the constants or violate the directions of good leadership.”

After the announcement, some people identified the dismissed professor as Neeraj Bedi and posted screenshots of his hateful tweets to back their claims. His profile says that he’s a “highly experienced medical professional having 26 years of teaching, training, research and administrative experience in the field of Public Health/Community Medicine.”

On his twitter account which seems to have been deactivated, Bedi had accused Muslims of spreading Coronavirus. These accusations were fueled by a fake news peddled in large sections of Indian media

Bedi was a faculty member in Public Health and Tropical Medicine in Jazan University for years.


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