Indian Muslims in US Disappointed Over Ayodhya Verdict


Caravan News

NEW DELHI — The Indian Muslims in America are very disappointed over the Supreme Court judgement in the Babri mosque land title suit and called it as flawed and self-contradictory in several respects.

The Association of Indian Muslims of America in a press note issued on Saturday said, “the judgement is flawed and self-contradictory in several respects and provides no basis as to why the entire land area of the erstwhile mosque has been awarded to the two Hindu community litigants and none to the one Muslim community litigant.”

Tha Association said that only reason is that some Hindus believe that this was the birthplace of Lord Rama, which is not and should not be a legal basis, to take any decision in a sensitive case like this. The case was about the land title and not about the faith and belief of the two communities.

The judgement states that Hindu religious worship was performed only in the outer courtyard of the erstwhile mosque since 1949 and none in the inner court. Moreover, it confirms that the inner court was used continuously by Muslims as a mosque at least since 1856 and that the mosque was built by a Muslim king about 425 years ago.

The same judgement also states that the Indian government’s Architectural Survey Department and other Hindu parties failed to establish or present significant evidence that the mosque structure was built on the ruins of any Hindu religious structure..

The judgement does not provide any basis as to why the Supreme Court has awarded a 5 acre plot of land somewhere in Ayodhya to the Muslim community to build a mosque, said the American Association.

While we respect the Supreme Court as the apex legal body in India, based on the above facts we disagree with this judgement, said the Indian American Association.

The Association was of the view that at least SC could have awarded one-third of the land where the mosque had stood to the Muslim community and said that the Muslim community in India should not accept the five acre of land elsewhere for the construction of an alternate mosque.


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