Indian Community Leader in NZ Sacked for Islamophobic Posts


Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Kantilal Bhagabhai Patel, a well-known leader in New Zealand has been sacked from the membership of the Wellington Justices of Peace (JP) Association.

Patel has lost his membership after some of his social media posts were deemed Islamophobic in nature.

This case, a first of its kind in New Zealand comes in the wake of several Indian expats facing action for their anti-Muslims social media posts in Arab and European nations.

Ms Ann Clark, who is the Vice President of the Association, said to be appalled at the posts. “We were appalled at the posts.”

Replying to a complainant of Patel’s posts,  Clark informed, “The Association received a complaint and it was investigated. Mr Patel is no longer a member of the Wellington JP Association”

She added, “Wellington Justices of the Peace Association has referred the matter to the national body representing Justices of the Peace and asked them to consult with the Ministry of Justice.”

“We have completed our investigation and have concluded that these posts were not consistent with the standards expected of a Justice of the Peace. Mr Patel has been advised of that and the consequences for him. We are in the process of dealing with that. As you will appreciate not all the usual government systems are working at this time.”

“Justices of the Peace are appointed through a government process and to cancel that appointment is also a government process. So in the meantime I hope you are willing to accept the apologises of the Wellington Justices of the Peace Association for the actions of this now former member of our Association,” she added.



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