India TV Editor Resigns Saying Modi Interview Was ‘Fixed’


NEW DELHI, 14 April –
The two-hour long interview of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi at India TV news channel on Saturday was ‘fixed’, said senior journalist and editorial director at the news channel Qamar Waheed Naqvi.

Naqvi resigned Sunday evening – 24 hours after the interview conducted by Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-chief of India TV at his most famous Aap Ki Adalat program, was telecast (Saturday night from 10 pm to 12 pm). The interview was retelecast on Sunday night also.

Sources close to Naqvi confirmed the resignation of Naqvi sent through email to the management of the channel.

Naqvi has reportedly said the interview was ‘fixed’. Some of the viewers of the program said Rajat did not ask any hard question to Modi.

Prof. Pushpesh K. Pant, Professor in Diplomatic Studies, Centre for International Politics, Jawaharlal Nehru was judge at the program. In his verdict, he acquitted Modi of all charges due to lack of proofs.

India Tomorrow contacted Rajat Sharma to get his view over the issue, rather than giving any comment he said he “would ask someone to contact you” as he said he was “in the middle of something.” — India Tomorrow


  1. Hats off to you Mr Naqvi.

    So, there are some journalists even among Muslims who are standing firm without knuckling under pressure to the rising right wing forces. We look forward to see many such journalists who are there in the field to uphold the standard of journalism.

  2. Really? And he did not realise this when the program was being shot? But he had to wait and watch it on TV before truth dawned upon him? In fact , his resignation looks fixed to me. ..

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