In Pics: Large-Scale Destruction of Muslim Properties in Jharkhand over Beef Suspicion

On beef suspicion, dozens of homes ransacked, vehicles destroyed by a mob in Koderma district on Jharkhand on 17 April 2018.

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RANCHI: Mere on suspicion of beef consumption, an entire Muslim settlement was ransacked by a huge mob in Koderma district of Jharkhand on Tuesday.

The mob brutally assaulted several people, barged into dozens of houses and ransacked them. They destroyed dozens of vehicles also. This all happened in the presence of the police that had already reached the village to probe the beef consumption charge.

On Monday, there was a wedding reception in the Nawadih village under Domchanch Police station in the Koderma district. Tuesday morning, some villagers found bones and meat in the field behind the house of a villager identified as Israel Ansari. A team of the local police reached the village and began investigation. But even as the police was carrying out the probe, a mob of hundreds of people pounced on the Muslim settlement and ransacked at least 30 houses.

They destroyed 17 bikes, one Bolero, one car and two tempos. Besides, a religious place was also attacked and some religious books were burnt.

The mob brutally assaulted villagers – two of the injured have been identified as Israel Ansari and Jumman Miyan. Israel Ansari received serious injuries and has been referred to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences in Ranchi.

The police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the mob. Half a dozen attackers were arrested.

Asked if banned meat was served at the wedding reception, Koderma SP Shivani Tiwari said, “We have sent the hooves for forensic test and can confirm only after receiving a report.”

In the last four years, dozens of incidents of cow lynching have taken place, mostly in the BJP-ruled states including Haryana, Rajasthan, Assam and Jharkhand.

Several such incidents took place in Jharkhand alone.

In June 2017, meat trader Alimuddin Ansari was lynched by a brutal gang of Gau Rakshaks in Ramgarh district of the state.

In April 2016, two Muslims including a minor boy of 12 years were brutally killed and their bodies were hanged to a tree by Gau Rakshaks in Latehar district.

Destruction Captured on Camera

Israel Ansari who was assaulted by mob over beef suspicion in Koderma district in Jharkhand on 17 April 2018.


Koderma Attack Was Planned, Will Take up the Case: HRLN Lawyer

Given the large-scale destruction in no time, it seems the attack was planned.

“Yes, the attack was planned and the marriage party gave them a chance to exploit the occasion,” Advocate Shadab Ansari from Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), told Caravan Daily.

“They always search for situations where they can take the benefit and attack the minority and widen the gap between Hindu & minority. In the present case, they exploited the occasion of marriage because one can easily believe that in party they must have served beef,” Adv. Ansari who along with two other lawyers of HRLN successfully fought the Ramgarh lynching case and secured life sentence for the convicts.

He also informed that HRLN will take up the case of Koderma also.

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  1. Goondism in the name cow protection, rapes in the name of religion and caste have done more damage to Hinduism in the same way as ISIS did for islam. If Hindus remain salient then there will a big shame in the international community that will affect their standing and repuatation for which india and Hinduism has stood. After Ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas Buddhism has faced with shame. So will be the fate of Hinduism. Come out and condemn the violence and atrocities perpetrated in the name of Hindus.


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