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In Justice – Badri Raina


Nepal, dear civilizational pal,

Yours is a grievous  tale;

But not  as fell, you will concede,

As  Salman headed for jail.


 And all for mowing down a few

Unruly  laborites

Who cussedly the pavement choose

To  luxuriate their nights.


 It is true that the howl is up—

Punish not a star

Upon whom rides the hard-earned wealth

Of tycoons  near and far;


But  so skewed now our values are

That  urchins  mown  on  a  pavement

Have  more mistaken takers than

A Salman in  six-pack raiment.


And judges—they will  chastise

A  playful  celebrity,

Rather than  the dogs for  having been

Where  they should not be.


All is topsy turvy now

In  the  Republic of razzmataz,

Those that are best off dead

The  living gods  do chase.

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