In Attacking Modi’s Vaccine Diplomacy AAP Resorts to ‘Islamophobic Messaging’


Party’s tweet names only Muslim countries where vaccines were sent. After facing flak, it adds two more tweets listing other countries

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI — If the Covid crisis pandemic were to push India towards a greater social understanding and healing among communities, more than the Sangh it would be the Aam Aadmi Party that would impede such a shift or it appears so.

On Monday, the party posted a tweet that slammed the Modi government for exporting vaccines to foriegn countries as India. But in its criticism AAP cherry picked Muslim majortity countries even as India has exported vaccines to other countries where Muslims are in minority.

The party is now facing heat from people on social media for exposing bigotry and Islamophobia.

The observers said that the party was playing a communal card while presenting itself as a secular party.

The party was accused of resorting to stronger Hindutva stance than the most Hindutva parties by mentionign only Muslim countires in its attack against the Modi government for exporting vaccines globally.

At the moment India is facing a vaccine crunch as states are raising alarm of shortage of vaccines with majority of population yet to receive its jab.

Of the top 10 countries to receive vaccines from India include Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

As the people pointed out the bigotry of AAP, the party two hours later added two more tweets listing other countries that received vaccines from India.

Reacting to the cherry picking of Muslims Countries political analyst Asim Ali wrote on Twitter that 77% of Muslims in Delhi voted for AAP in the last year’s assembly election and ensured their win on many seats and now the party is outflanking Modi in Islamophobic messaging. “The state of Indian politics,” Ali quipped.


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