Imran Khan Unveils New Map that Shows Kashmir as Part of Pakistan

New Pak Map.

ISLAMABAD – On the eve of the first anniversary of the revocation of the contentious Article 370 and Article 35A, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled a new political map which includes the UT of J&K as part of Pakistan on Tuesday. Khan has decided to present the new political map at the United Nations as well.

The Imran Khan cabinet approved the new map in which the complete Jammu and Kashmir, is shown integrated with Pakistan. The illegal map shows J&K as “Indian illegally occupied J&K — disputed territory — final status to be decided in line with relevant UNSC resolutions.” Thereby cocking a snook at the Govt of India.

“This is the most historic day in Pakistan’s history,” he said while addressing a news conference after chairing the meeting of federal cabinet, which approved the new map on Tuesday.

Khan said that Pakistan has launched a political map which shows the whole Kashmir region, including “Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir” as part of his country’s territory.

In the press conference, Khan said: “Today is a historic day we have launched a new political map of Pakistan which is as per the aspirations of the entire nation as well as the people of Kashmir.”

He also said the new map is backed by all political parties of the country. “This map also opposes the Indian government’s illegal act of August 5 last year,” the prime minister said.

“The settlement of Kashmir dispute only lies in the UN Security Council resolutions.

“Pakistan will continue to make efforts for the people of Kashmir,” said Khan adding that the dispute can only be resolved through political means not military.



  1. Muslims are super hypocrites and making um intelligent comments and demands.

    “The Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim organization in North America in a statement said, “It applauds and supports Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) efforts toward preserving India’s democracy and pluralistic society.”

    There has never been democracy in Pakistan, most if not all Muslim countries, so why are these multiple associations not fighting for democracy and rights in Muslim countries.

    Why are Muslim countries like Pakistan not saying they will take all Muslim refugees from any country.

    It is a historic fact that India was a Hindu country before being invaded pillaged abs robbed by Muslims who destroyed Hindu temples and built Islamic structures – the Pakistani’s and Muslim’s in Asia forget that their ancestors were predominantly peaceful Hindus or Buddhist converted by force, by barbaric Islamic invaders from the Middle East.

    Reporters and news keep on saying a Hindu temple is being built were a mosque was destroyed, but fail to mention that the distorted mosque was built on a original Hindu temple distorted by invading Muslim barbarians.

    Pakistani government and Muslims and their supporters need to shut up until Muslims countries embrace democracy, stop brutal and barbaric oppression of thier woman under the dictatorial guess of religion and culture –

    There there is no other country in the world today where the largest population of Muslims enjoy freedom and democracy and steady peaceful life as in a Hindu India.

    It’s shocking that uninformed and ill educated American politicians are supporting a religious barbaric cause in behalf of Muslim fanatics.


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