Immigrants: Better He be White Who Enters — Badri Raina

Picture used for illustrative purpose only.

BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily


Just because we bomb their countries,

And crush their economies,

They invade us as immigrants,

And pretend to be refugees.


We do what we do do

To save them from the Commies;

Once saved, they then expect us

To put food into their tummies.


This is hardly a fair trade—

So we put children in cages

Where they are safe from parents

Seeking illegal wages.


Gosh, will our burdens never end?

Perhaps, being exceptional,

God gives us the hardiness

To bear our sufferings well.


We may have been immigrants once,

Making home for dissenters,

But now we are white and kosher,

Better he be white who enters.


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