Illegal Detentions Reported in Hauz Qazi Area of Delhi As Situation Normalises

Tension gripped the Lal Kuan bazar under Hauz Qazi area of old Delhi after a squabble over parking. — File photo

17 people belonging to the minority community, most of them juveniles, have been arrested and given bail, while many have been illegally detained by the police, says a lawyer.

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — The Delhi Police continues to make arrests in Hauz Qazi area of Old Delhi in the aftermath of the communal clash, as 17 people belonging to minority community have been arrested so far. However, most of them are juveniles and received bail on Thursday.

Advocate Asghar Khan, who came forward to provide legal assistance to the victims free of cost, said that although 17 people have been legally arrested, many have been illegally detained by the police. He does not know the exact number of illegal detainees, but around 11 families approached him for help whose members are missing, claiming that their members are innocent.

He said that there are legal steps to deal with illegal detention. First, higher authorities like the chief minister, lieutenant governor, chief justice and higher officers should be informed about the illegal detentions. The second way to deal with it is that we file a written petition at the high court for their recovery.

“The biggest objectionable thing is that the police arrested those 17 people through trickery when the sensible people from both the communities had come forward to settle the case. The police was in such a hurry to arrest them that they did not even care about the fact that most of the people who were arrested in the case were minors and have been granted bail on Thursday, that too only because their offense was bailable”, said Khan while talking to Caravan Daily.

He said that whatever happened in Hauz Qazi is a nondescript incident.

“A minor quarreling which happens every day with us has been given communal colour. Many brawls happen every day over the parking issue. In this incident, the police have filed an FIR and put them behind bars”, he claimed.

After the police arrested the people belonging to the minority community in case of the communal clash, Syed Shahid Rahat, who runs an NGO Minority Development Federation, appealed to the advocates in particular and the people in general to help the innocents who are being arrested in the communal clash case. He spoke with Khan regarding the issue and the advocate readily agreed to take up their cases. They are also ready to provide legal assistance to Non-Muslims if they are being framed.

Rahat also said the police had said in the court that they will pick up more people in the case.

“On 1 July, a minor scuffle over the parking issue between two individuals has taken communal turn. During the clash, stones were pelted from both sides. Because of stoning, the temple in the Hauz Quazi got vandalized. The statue was reinstalled in a big Shobha Yatra where a Bajrang Dal leader issued warning saying that they can turn the area into Ayodhya”, elucidated Sanjeev Kumar, a man who had gotten into this fight.
Kumar further said that he does not know who attacked the temple. Whether it was Hindus or Muslims and blamed the politicians belonging to BJP, AAP, and Congress to make the situation grim.


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