If You won’t Vote for Congress, Yogi’s Bulldozer will Come to Haunt Karnataka: Kharge


KALABURGI – Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said on Wednesday that if the people of Karnataka do not vote for the party, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanaths bulldozer will come to haunt the southern state as well.

Addressing a huge public rally in Aland in Kalaburagi district, Kharge stated that these days the UP CM is coming to Karnataka frequently. Giving the appearance of a saint, wearing saintly clothes, instead of showing the good path of humanity he instigates clashes between the people. CM Yogi says jo hamare baat nahi manenge, use bulldozer lagake nikal denge. Is desh mein nahin rah sakte. (whoever doesn’t listen to us, we will get rid of them through the bulldozer, they can’t live in this country), said Kharge.

“I think those who are foreigners should be asked to leave the country, not us who are the natives of this country. So I want to tell you, if you won’t give the vote to the Congress party then Yogi’s bulldozer will come here also,” Kharge stated.

Chief Minister Bommai should beware of Modi ji and Amit Shah. The BJP claims they will give a “Mazboot Sarkar” in Karnataka, but they changed multiple CMs. It is an important ‘do or die’ election for Karnataka. The 40 per cent commission state government is damned. It has cheated our people, Kharge said.

This election is not only significant for Karnataka, but for the nation. Karnataka must become corruption free. It must be freed from the 40 per cent BJP misrule, Kharge stated.

Modi ji often says in his speeches that ‘na mein khaunga, na khane dunga!’ (I won’t take bribes, I will not let others take bribes). But Bommai sits next to him. The PM should ask him for a 40 per cent commission, Kharge taunted.

“Modi ji complains about me, baap aur bete ne kuch kaha! (father and son duo have said something against me) He is our Prime Minister, how can we insult him? Irrespective of the party he belongs to, we accept our Prime Minister! We have not insulted him, instead Modi ji has insulted Karnataka, he said.

We brought a Central University in this area. We spent Rs 400 to Rs 500 crore for the building. But teachers are not in full strength. There are vacancies and the number of departments have gone down, he alleged.

We have constructed a Mega ESI hospital here. Later I requested the BJP government to start an AIIMS here. We had spent a thousand crores on the infrastructure. In the main hall in the hospital, 5,000 people can sit, it is such a grand building. But the BJP government does not care. The hospital is not being maintained. Now it has slowly started to turn into a cowshed, Kharge charged.

We had taken approval for the highway from Solapur to Bengaluru, from Bidar to Hiriur, and from Bidar to Mysuru. But the present government has halted all this work. Instead, they spent crores of money to inaugurate the old, already existing Bengaluru-Mysuru express corridor, Kharge alleged.

“Coming back to the issue of our area (Kalaburagi), Article 371(J) is my contribution to the people of this region and therefore, today they can enjoy the privileges in the education and employment sector,” he said. -IANS

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