I Definitely won’t Attend Mosque Inauguration as I’m Hindu: Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. (File Photo: IANS)

Clarion India

LUCKNOW – After attending the bhoomi pujan of Ram temple on Wednesday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that he would not attend the inauguration of the mosque in Ayodhya even if he was invited.

The CM was replying to the reporters who asked him if he would attend the inauguration of the mosque that will be built on a five-acre plot allotted by the Supreme Court in its judgment in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit.

“Dekhiye, agar aap mujhse ek mukhyamantri ke roop mein poochenge, toh mujhe kisi mazhab, sampradaya se koi parhez nahi hai. Agar ek yogi ke roop mein poochenge toh katai nahi jaoonga. Isliye nahi jaoonga kyunki main ek Hindu hun. Ek Hindu ke roop mein, mujhe apni upasna vidhi ko vyakt karne aur upasna vidhi ke anusar aacharan karne ka poora adhikar hai. Lekin doosre ke karya mein mujhe jaane ka koi adhikar nahi hai, usme hastakshep karne ka bhi koi adhikar nahi hai. (If you ask me as a chief minister, then I don’t abstain from any religion or community. But if asked to a yogi, then I will definitely not go. I will not go because I am a Hindu. As a Hindu, I have a right to worship and lead life as per the laid religious rules. But I don’t have the right to intervene in others’ works or meddle into others’ affairs),” said Adityanath was quoted by The Indian Express as saying.

“Mujhe lagta hai ki main wahaan na vaadi hun na prativadi hun. Isliye na koi mujhe wahaan bulayega, na mujhe wahaan jaana hai. Jab mujhe koi bulayega nahi toh jaane ka koi matlab hee nahi hai… Koi nimantran ish prakaar ka nahi milne waala hai, yeh main bhi jaanta hun. Jiss din woh mujhe bula lenge, ush din bahot saare logon ke secularism khatre mein pad jayenge. Isliye main jaanta hun unke secularism ko khatre mein na padne dun, isliye chup chap apna karya karun aur shasan ki yojanon ka laabh sab logon tak pahuncha dun. (I think I am not a party there. That is why no one will invite me there, and I don’t want to go. When no one will call me, then what is the point of going there. I know that I will not get any such invitation. The day they will invite me, then a lot of people’s secularism will be in danger. Therefore, I don’t want to their secularism and will prefer to quietly work and ensure that the benefits of the government’s schemes reaches everyone,” he added.

Adityanath further attacked his political rivals for wearing skull caps during Muslim festivals and said that “it was not secularism”.

“Yaad rakhna ki jo hum jaa kar ke roza iftar mein, anya jagah jaa kar ke topi pehen kar ke bartao karte hai na. Yeh secularism nahi hai. Yeh janta bhi jaanti hai dhong kar rahe hain. Janta bhi unki vastavikta ko jaanti hai. (Remember, if I go for roza iftar or any other places and wear a skull cap, that is not secularism. People also know the reality that they are pretensions),” the CM added.

Last November, the Supreme Court had paved the way for the construction of a Ram Temple where Babri Masjid once stood and allotted 5-acre plot for the construction of a mosque.


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