The Hyderabad-based RayLabs CEO Khalid Saifullah comes up with the first of its kind app and website dedicated to shining the light on the stellar contribution of Indian Muslims in the country’s freedom struggle 

NIDA FATIMA | Caravan Daily

SEVENTY-ONE years after struggling its way out of the British colonial rule, the county once again finds itself under an ominous spell. As the home-bred python of communalism and fascism rears its ugly head, the minorities, particularly the Muslims, have become the Other in their own land.

Lynched, mocked, threatened, shot and pushed to the very edge, the country’s largest minority holds on to a dwindling hope.  The blood has only just begun to ooze out of what might soon be a festering wound.

As the proponents and supporters of the Hindu Rashtra work hand in hand to reshape the existing social fabric and rewrite history, the Muslims fear not just being isolated today but are also being erased from history.

In a bid to highlight the historic role of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle, RayLab Technologies of Hyderabad have come up with a unique mobile app and dedicated website http://muslimfreedomfighters.com/

The website gives a list of 155 Muslim freedom fighters along with a summary of their life and their heroic contribution to the national struggle. The content for the app and website has been sourced from a book titled The Immortals by Syed Naseer Ahmad and presented in nine major Indian languages.

It is a small step towards bringing the Muslims’ effort in the national freedom movement to the forefront.

The free mobile app can be found on Google Play Store by entering ‘Muslim freedom fighters’. It is an interactive application, with a quiz and even a prize by the company. The motive behind developing the application is to develop awareness and confidence in the community, especially the Muslim youth, about their own history and their contribution to the nation in general and its independence movement in particular.

“Most of the right-wing groups and people who spread hatred against Muslims say that the Muslims have not done anything for the country’s freedom. The names of great Muslim heroes have been removed from the history books. If our countrymen realise the stellar contribution of Indian Muslims to the nation, maybe we could check some of this poison of hate being directed against us these days,” says Khalid Saifullah, CEO of RayLabs Technologies.

“This generation of Muslims is not even aware of the sacrifices made by their own community and their forefathers. Under the influence of Hindutva propaganda, even they are beginning to feel that Muslims have done little for the nation and its freedom movement. This app will shed light on the Muslim role in the freedom struggle and increase the confidence of the Muslim youth. Our  aim is to promote peace, brotherhood and communal harmony, reinforcing the unity in diversity, which is the backbone of our country. We need to put India back on the track of development and inclusive progress,” he adds.


  1. I read your article, it’s seems that as a caravan you also speed lies about hindutva.pls compare hindu and muslim population at the time of Independence in india and Pakistan,and compare that with today position.in india can hindu treat you like muslim treat hindu in Pakistan?there is some incident against muslim,but why u forgot same happened to hindu also.do not spred hate.and do not write biased as caravan.


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