Hyderabad Woman Stuck in Oman, Family Seeks Government Help


Clarion India

HYDERABAD — The family of a Hyderabad woman, who is currently stuck in Oman with severe health complications, has urged the government of India to arrange for her repatriation to India.

Sameena, who was lured to work as maid for a small family in Oman, was harassed by her employer family.

The agent had promised that there will not be much work. Later after she started working, we came to know that there were 8 members and she was the only worker, Shaheen Begum sister of Sameena informed.

“Unable to work anymore, she waited for one year and then managed to run away from the family for whom she has been working. Now she is at a friend’s house in Oman,” Kareema Bee, Sameena’s mother told ANI.

“I request the Indian government to bring my daughter back to India,” she added.

(With inputs from ANI)



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