Hyderabad NGO Comes Up With Technique to Identify Covid Patients In Need of Oxygen

SDIF worker providing oxygen cylinder

The SDIF has developed a programme that integrates with Twitter API

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A Hyderabad-based NGO called Social Data Initiative Forum (SDIF) has come up with an automated technique to receive the request of those Covid patients who are in need of oxygen and asking for it on social media.

 SDIF advisor Syed Khalid told Clarion India that they have developed a system in which they automatically get to know tweets containing oxygen requests from Twitter when they put key words like Oxygen, name of the place in the website. Then, there is a back-end team who connects with the requestors and fulfills the needs.

There is also a direct way of putting requests by the needy after visiting the website. The team of the SDIF contacts the needy with the help of sources available in and around the area of the needy and tries to fulfil the need. But they also developed the system to take up the requests automatically from Twitter through new techniques.

Covid patients in need of free oxygen cylinder may call on 7569600800 or provide details on the website www.freeoxygen.in.

“The SDIF has developed a programme that integrates with Twitter API and identifies Tweets that have requests for oxygen. The back end team immediately calls them and arranges for oxygen,” said SDIF Director Azam Khan.

According to Khan, the technique has helped thousands of Covid patients, especially in rural areas. “We tried to connect remote villages with technology and provided Oxygen cylinders at their doorstep. We are assisting needy people all over India. We already had Oxygen Banks in Hyderabad and Vikarabad in Telangana State and in Kadapa Guntur and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh state. In other locations, we have used the technology and identified NGO’s providing oxygen. This network of NGOs is helping all, including people living in far-off places,” he said.

 According to SDIF, the innovation was done after an analysis showed that a majority of requests posted on social media platforms remained unattended and patients in need of oxygen did not get it on time.

Khalid said that they have been trying to do this service for the last one month and provided oxygen cylinders to around 800 people. Last year, they provided free ration to the needy when they launched FreeRation App and provided relief to around 17,000 people. To deliver ration at various places throughout the country, they deposited amounts to nearest kirana merchants. In the process they developed a network of thousands of kirana merchants.

Now they are also utilizing the same network to quickly identify the oxygen cylinder providers anywhere in India.

“The inspiration behind doing such services is our fondness for serving human beings. If somebody is distressed, we should try to help them. We can see people in distressed situations,” said SDIF advisor Feroz Baig.

Syed Amjad, another advisor of SDIF, said “the entire world, including India, is in crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Every citizen has a duty to assist the government in overcoming this crisis. The SDIF, as an NGO, is trying to assist the authorities in dealing with the pandemic situation. We can emerge victorious in this war against Covid if all of us contribute in some way or the other”.


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