Human Welfare Foundation – NGO Dedicated to Uplifting the Marginalized

Human Welfare Foundation

The Sachar Committee Reports makes the educated and elite Indian Muslims take on the daunting task of providing better education, healthcare facilities and work for the marginalised, especially the Muslims

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – Human Welfare Foundation (HWF), a Non-governmental organization (NGO), established by eminent Indian citizens has been relentlessly working for the social, educational and economic upliftment of the minorities and other marginalized sections of the society across India for the last thirteen years.

HWF, established in 2006, works in important fields such as education, healthcare, microfinance, poverty alleviation, disaster management, civil rights protection, drinking water, orphan care, women empowerment and community development of the marginalised section of the society.

The NGO works as an umbrella organisation, which has several distinguished and experienced community leaders on board as trustees. It has over 200 local partners spread over 20 Indian states, implementing 4774 projects. The number of beneficiaries so far is above nine million.

Skill Development Centre by the Human Welfare Foundation

HWF came into existence under a specific background with particular aims and objectives.

“It has been 70 years since India gained independence. It was expected back then that citizens would also be independent once the country got independence. Different sections of society would get opportunities to lead a dignified life. Besides, it was also assumed that there would be a judicious distribution of resources, power and facilities. However, after 70 years of Independence, the rich have become richer and the poor became poorer. Also, some sections of society have become poorer. Take Muslims for example. Every community of the country has progressed after the independence but for Muslims, it has been a downward graph,” said T Arif Ali, general secretary of the HWF.

Amid all this, certain eminent citizen from the community with the help of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has come forward to lay down the foundation of the HWF.

K.A Siddique Hasan, former Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, played a key role in establishing HWF. Eminent educationist and retired IPS officer Prof. Manzoor Ahmed is the chairman of the foundation. Justice A.M. Ahmadi, former Union Minister K. Rahman Khan, well-known educationist P. A. Inamdar, Mufti Mukarram Ahmed and retired IAS officer Moosa Raza are the patrons of the foundation.

“According to the Sachar Committee Report, Muslims are lacking behind in all the parameter that defines development, like education, financial growth, power-sharing, governance-sharing and women education ratio. Disturbed by the report, some eminent people from the community decided to deal with the situation. Uplifting the standard of the marginalized sections up to the national standard is the aim and objective of our foundation,” said Ali.

In order to achieve its aims and objectives, the HWF has constituted some platforms – Sahulat Micro Finance Society, Society for Bright Future for disaster management, Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) for human rights protection and Village Development Trust for the progress of Villages.

For the educational upliftment, HWF is running minor schools in areas where there are no schools. It has flagged off several community schools for those students who don’t want to go to the government and private schools. The foundation has also set up a few standard schools in some places. It also awards meritorious students. It identifies, promotes and helps in the education of those students who aspire to carve out a successful career. It also provides scholarships to the students and even provides meals to those families whose children are unable to go to schools due to lack of food.

Scholarship Distribution by the HWF

“We try to fulfil the basic needs of the poor people. We have focused areas for these works. We identified regions which have been marked by the government as backward. We reach out to those living in these areas, especially the minorities and the marginalised,” said Ali.

HWF has adopted around 22 Indian villages to carry out developmental works. They now plan to adopt 100 villages in north and east India. It also provides a source of livelihood to the needy. To increase the employability of the youths from these village or Muslim community, HWF runs various skill development programmes like nursing courses, computer courses and ornament manufacturing courses and tailoring. It even sets up a minor business for them like providing cattle for domestication and buying e-rickshaw.

In order to provide better healthcare facility, they have been running hospitals at different places and healthcare centres too. Regular health awareness campaigns are organised along with free distribution of sanitary napkins for the girls.

It has also adopted 3000 orphans and is looking after their education. These orphans are provided with Rs. 18000 annually. And it has plans to adopt 10000 more children. It also provides clean water to regions suffering from acute water shortage.

It also provides relief to areas struck by natural disaster. Recently, it provided relief during the Kerala flood and Odisha cyclone.

The organisation gets financial assistance from the rich, who donate for a particular social project or services. Generally, money is crowdfunded for the work being done by HWF.


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