There is need to inculcate in them the passion and urge to protect their chastity and honor at all costs. — Representational image

Maulana Mohammed Omar Mahfouz Rahmani of All India Muslim Personal Law Board is alarmed over the rising trend of Muslim girls leaving their faith to marry non-Muslims and explains how Hindutva groups are targetting young Muslim women as part of what appears to be a long-term plan. He calls upon India Muslim society to introspect and reform itself to deal with the growing challenges facing thr community in the following appeal translated from Urdu 

Maulana M Omar Mahfouz Rahmani 

THE continuous news of Muslim girls marrying off with non-Muslim boys make us feel deeply saddened and depressed. They are leaving their conscience and Deen to bring shame upon their families and the Muslim community at large. There were occasional incidents here and there earlier too.

However, in the past few years, there has been a systematic planning to trap the gullible Muslim girls and there is a constant increase in such incidents where the girls following the ugly trail of lewdness and obscenity are moving away from the precincts of Islam.

Last year, when I was in Pune, Maharashtra to attend an event of the Muslim Personal Law Board, a brother narrated to me the sad tale of his niece falling in such a trap. She was studying in a college and there was a canteen nearby run by a Dalit boy. The girl fell in love and ran away with him.

After a few months, after a lot of coaxing and cajoling, she returned to her parents’ house and we had her recite the Kalima to bring her back in the folds of Islam. However, still she cries for the man and insists to return to him and we live in constant fear that she might again run away to him.

I was also told there that during the period of one year (between October 2016 to October, 2017), 44 Muslim girls had married Non-Muslim men. Lately, a few days ago, a couple of brothers who had come from Pune to discuss this grave issue, informed us that during the month of August, 2018, 11 Muslim girls filed applications to marry Non-Muslim men and in September, 12 Muslim girls registered such request with the Marriage Registrar Office there. From other cities and parts of Maharashtra too, such heart rending reports are making us sad and concerned.

We learned that 12 girls in Mumbai, 7 in Thane, 2 in Nasik and 2 in Amravati have filed such applications. It is also to be borne in mind that these incidents are not restricted to Maharasthra State only. We are faced with this situation in several other cities of the country too.  When I had a chance to visit Bhopal in the middle of August, the sisters associated with the Muslim Personal Law Board Reform Committee there informed me that there have been several incidents in Bhopal too where not only unwedded girls married non-Muslim men but in several cases, married women left their husbands and children to run away with Non-Muslim men.

The reports which I received from Delhi show that the girls living in the slums there are falling prey in the trap set up by the communal elements.  Last Sha’ban when I was in Ahmedabad, I was told that it is common for them to see such incidents in the social media and Muslim girls are being systematically targeted there by different means and that include offering to them valuable gifts like mobile phones, I-pads, Activa scooter etc.

As mentioned above, such incidents are not just coincidences, but, they are part of very well thought and hatched plan. There is nothing like  ‘Love Jihad’  in this country, yet, this term is being used to incite the Hindu youth for taking revenge and to keep the Muslims entangled and scared with this misnomer to destroy the Imaan and lives of Muslim girls.  Earlier, the plan was carried out in a low profile manner; but, now it is being done openly.

After hearing such heart rending incidents, I started my own investigation and involved a few of my companions and the findings that came out from our investigations are shocking and alarming. I feel it pertinent to list them sequentially:

1. Full-fledged teams of Hindu youth have been formed in different places. Their job is to entice Muslim girls and to destroy them. First they get close to the Muslim girls showing sympathy, deceive them in the name of love and make promises to marry them. Then begins the phase of their sexual exploitation and when the girl loses her chastity and honor, she insists the man to marry her formally. Then a request is registered with the marriage registrar. As per the regulations, one month notice is required and this period is kept to let any person raise objection to such marriage (I would deal on malpractices in this area later in another article). It is also required to issue notices to the families of the parties applying for the marriage.

When such notice is issued (which contains the pictures of the boy and the girl intending to marry), the boy somehow manages to circulate the notice over the social media and the team ensures that it becomes viral.  When the Muslim community people and elders of the area get the information, they try to stop such marriage. Under social pressure, the girl and her parents stop the marriage. The parents, elders and community leaders become culprits in the eyes of the girl while the boy gets a clean chit and he comes clean as an innocent saint. The girl gets tainted goes into depression. Thus she loses the chance and the right to have a happily married family life and even if she gets married, her past keeps haunting her. If no one marries her, the door of maintaining relations remains open for her.

2. There is another form of conspiracy. After enticing the girl in the name of love and emotions, she is convinced to leave her religion. The pair gets married formally and stay together for a few months or a year. Then conflicts and fights ensue between the couple. As the girl had got alienated from her parents and the society, she finds the door for her to return closed. She finds no option but to continue living with the husband. Exploiting this situation, either the husband makes the girl to engage in flesh trade or divorces her to let her run for her life.

3. The open grounds for this grave conspiracy are the co-ed colleges as they provide perfect and secure platforms. The communal forces even make arrangements to teach Urdu and Urdu poetry to Hindu boys which they deploy in trapping the girls. The gullible and innocent girls easily get influenced by such ploys and fall in the well laid trap. From here, they climb the ladders of indecency and lewdness to ultimately leave Deen. Besides colleges, private tuition and coaching classes are also becoming the means to promote lewdness and faithlessness.

The teachers and professors are also taking advantage of these devious ploys. They call girls to their place for giving them notes. Either by alluring them or by force, they engage in obscene acts or make the girls pose before the camera. Then they start blackmailing the girls and exploit them for their own pleasure. A few hair raising incidents have been reported from Parbhani where the teachers shared videos with their colleagues about their relations with the girls and with shameless captions. In one such incident, even after the girl got married, the teacher kept blackmailing her to force illicit relations with her and the girl had no choice but to fulfill the demand.

4. In cases where the Muslim girls are Deendar or remain cautious due to her good upbringing assistance of Hindu girls is sought. They get closer to such Muslim girls and introduce to them wrong types of boys as their brothers or friends. Gradually, the situation goes into making the good girls as Murtad or faithless.

5. Contact details of Muslim girls are being shared by mobile and photocopying centers to the boys who are engaged in such ploys. As it is it has become quite easier to reach girls through the social media network, non-Muslim boys make friendship with Muslim girls on Facebook as Muslims and chats result in meetings. Later, the girl finds that the boy she befriended is indeed a non-Muslim; but, by then it becomes too late for her to return.

6. Excessive money is also being used to entice Muslim girls. I learned from different places that, high value gifts are presented to girls to first make place in their hearts. Similarly, sympathy too is used as a weapon. If it is known somehow that the girl is in trouble or the situation at home is not good or she is not getting attention at home, then some wolf appears in the guise of a sheep. Then the drama of sympathy is played to entice the girl in the trap; she loses her chastity and honor and even pushes her out of the fold of Deen.

The situation is very grim and needs an immediate attention and action. When would we be awakened? When would we come forward to save our daughters, sons and sisters? Until when should we sleep? Until when we maintain the attitude of keeping our eyes closed or remain oblivious?

When there is an emergency; when there is a direct aggression on our Deen, when the chastity, honor and lives of Muslim girls are systematically targeted and destroyed, silence is a crime and a sin.  In this situation, it is not correct to give attention to less important and non-urgent issues.

The grim situation faced by the community requires to be explained and echoed from the mosques and pulpits. It should become an important topic of all meetings and sessions due to which people might start giving attention to reforming families, keeping a watchful eye on their children and fearing the hanging sword of Damocles, people may stop educating their children in the co-ed systems. We need to find ways to provide education to our children in non-mixed environment.

The following points are to be considered to stop the increasing waves of Irtida or faithlessness:

1. On lines of the Islamic teachings, there is a need to emphasize and make our girls adopt Purdah and Hijab at all times; inculcate in them the passion and urge to protect their chastity and honor at all costs; make them realise the greatness of Tawheed and Risalat. Even for half an hour, we need to have in our houses book reading sessions daily where lessons from a good book which can help purify our thoughts and minds be read and discussed.

2. Avoid our kids to get education in the co-ed schools and colleges. Full attention be given to set up non-mixed education system where standard education could be imparted to our children.

3. The girls who are studying in schools and colleges be given Deeni education and they need to be given moral education. A close watch is kept on their behavior and habits. They are provided with good literature which shapes up their character and morality.

4. In the name of tuition classes, the girls be not given opportunities to mix up with the boys. Nor they be allowed to visit the houses of teachers or their classmates. The girls be taken to college and brought back home through own means.

5. Smartphones and Bikes are not provided as they open the doors of indecencies to take them to the path of losing their chastity and honor.

6. They be not allowed to visit mobile phone and copying centers run by non-Muslims. Nor they be allowed to visit canteens inside or outside their colleges.

7. They are also stopped to befriend non-Muslim boys as that could open doors of wrong doings.

8. Attention be paid to the difficulties and problems faced by the children at home. Remember, if the kids feel they are not getting the required attention, they will get attracted to outsiders.

9. If the girls are using internet for some educational projects, an eye be kept on the usage as internet opens most of the doors of delinquency

Translated from Urdu by Safi Hyder



  1. Assalamoalikum. This is an eye opener. If we don’t realize and reform our kith n kin both boys n girls especially in providing right education (especially religious) we may spoil the Deen o duniya of them. Please mend our ways. Change the attitude we have sofar
    Let’s take steps to rectify mistakes. You me and all.

  2. Assalamu alaikkum wrb
    Every family shd focus and concentrate to educate their children boys and girls the Islamic studies, learn to read and understand quran atleast 30 mints everyday…Make them follow and offer regular 5 times namaz without fail…By this way our children are secured and protected by Allah by His tawakkal…..

  3. As we the Indian Muslims are passing through a very critical and dangerous era the parents must be vigilant on their children behaviour particularly on their girls and they must inculcate Islamic knowledge as frequently as possible to keep them in Islam.

    • Muslim girls love Hindu boys because they don’t restrict them religiously.
      I love a Muslim girl & she Loves me a Lot.

  4. Muslim women prefer Hindu men over Muslim men because we treat them better. I’m a Hindu man and I’m dating a beautiful muslim girl. I really adore her. She said in her own words that muslim men would never give her the freedom to work, triple talaq is rampant in the community and her parents force her to wear hijab.

    Muslim women are no longer a property of muslim men and they have the right to marry anyone they love. I’m seeing more and more muslim women marrying Hindu men and we don’t force them to convert to Hinduism unlike sexist muslim men.

    • If a women who love a hindu wearing then she shouldn’t be from a good family. Nd those who prefer hindu over muslim r bitch. U hindutuva ppl have been trying to do dis for decades.

      • Sayed, it is MUSLIM men who are trying to kidnap, rape, and convert Non-Muslim women to Islam. So shut the fuck up.
        If this “love jihad” continues, then Hindu men will take away 100 Muslim women for every Hindu woman lost. This is what Yogi Adityanath mentioned in his speech.
        You Muslims have an evil plan to Islamize not only India but the whole world through population jihad + love jihad.

        • U hindus lure our women since 2014. We r helpless nd none speak abt dat nd only care abt hindu womens. Wat abt muslim parents who lost connection with daughters just because of ur plans to lure muslim women. We know upcoming years would be tough for muslim in india nd our population will also go down below 10%

  5. Muslm girls should bother about the cheating thoughts of Non -islamic brothers, even if classmates : now the time to react against them- and try to realiz the movement & some functions which will lead to the wrong thoughts.

  6. Muslim Indians remember one thing your Ancestors were also Hindus once and were converted Forcibly to Islam.
    You were also Hindu since beginning, you have no roots in Saudi Arabia so u were also Hindus

    • Franklin shut up your dirty stinking mouth do you yourself know where ur ancestors were where did they come from. My ancestors were Muslims and I am proud to be a Muslim

      • PoP yrs your ancestor was a low grade mughal who substitutes a goat for your kin .abdul its over go back to bangladesh or detention camp awaits you.

  7. Muslim girls love Hindu boys because they don’t restrict them religiously.
    I love a Muslim girl & she Loves me a Lot.

  8. The faith,custom,behaviour,taharath etc. should and ought to learn the non Muslims from the Islam . Then they will shut their mouths forever.The non Muslim themselves once see and observe their secret parts. How dirty they keep. If they know the word smegma immddtly they take the Islam faith. The Muslim chillar girls are enticed but in 100000, may be a girl, is not at all countable. Though they will have their headache in due course. You may not knowing the conversion of non Muslims into Islam throughout the world.Dear non Muslim fellows you are requested to go through the Islam and then comment. Even what is a good in your religion? First learn Humanism, this can be learnt only from Islam. Islam never teaches you hatredness. It will be possible to make a vasudaika kutumbam. Love each one as a human in the good faith.Thank you.

  9. Islam is a beautiful way of life. One should try to understand ISLAM by reading the holy Quoran and hadiths. Brothers not knowing this religion are commenting wrongly because they don’t know how beautiful it is. Their mindsets are full of dirt against Islam. Please brothers,if u don’t know islam, don’t post ur dirty comments until u read and understand it.

  10. I had muslimas trying ti fall in love with them in school. They have come to realize that indian muslims are low caste “abdis” of arabs.atleast hindus treat tjem as equals out of sympathy ss they know they are the ones who wete forcefully converted.

  11. Actually this person has just written a letter describing the traits of what all muslim boys does in the name of Love Jihad, just with 44 cases in an year of Maharashtra when a msulim girl happily loves to marry a Hindu boy and become Hindu they are worried, what about around 2-3 lakhs and around 10 lakhs and may be even more Hindu woman and they are dishonored and their purity destroyed by Jihadi muslims !

    We Hindus the descendants of Maharaj Chandragupta Maurya,, Maharana Pratap and Chattrapati Maharaj will now do Tit for Tat ! Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat !

  12. If you rapist Muslim males take away one Hindu woman, we Hindu men will take away 1000 Muslim women.

    We Hindus are the majority, and if you Muslim clerics object, we will call the police on you and arrest you.

    Now fuck off Muslim scum.

    • U hindutuva ppl doesnt want muslims to live a happy life. U ppl want them to always live with fear. Indian muslims r not living a happy life. And those who has daughters r not even able to live a happy life and feel insecure because of hindutva ppl.

  13. Whatever written in the article is not the agenda of any Hindus & even not in the blood of Sanatans . This article is written with a purpose to indirectly instigate the people of muslim community & to mislead them tactfully , and to apply these mentioned well-planned techniques to trap innocent Hindu , Sikh , Buddhist , Jain , Christian & Persi females & to convert them to islam in the name of love jihad .
    Original Bharatiyas can’t do such mean activities , these things r possible for cheap minded anti-nationalists . If these jihadis don’t stop such activities of love jihad with the purpose of making Bharat a islamic nation then days r not far if the Hindus come to revenge mood then for one Hindu girl they hv to loss 10 muslim girls .
    Bharat Mata ki Jai…

  14. Clarion India claims to be about freedom of love, but use words like “falling prey” when they are happily married. Where’s the coverage of the other way round ? In a
    democracy all people are equal regardless of faith, this article is premised in anything non Islamic being inferior, and humanity is about universal compassion which this article certainly does not advocate.

    What’s the point?

    Empirically speaking we still have lakhs of people converting the other way so we are still winning, 44 people in a state of crores is hardly a strategy, sounds like love ….why write such articles and make it look like we are intolerant, undemocratic and against freedom of choice?

    Stand for what is truly right both ways, justice is not a concept that should benefit only one group if we want to live in peace.

  15. Some shocking, irresponsible and very childish comments… Tit for tat? Really??
    Interesting though that not a single comment from any Muslim females here who are apparently the victims. Are women in general not allowed to speak for themselves in India/Pakistan? Some of you still live in the dark ages.

    • The problem lies in the degenerate Muslim community. Rapist Muslim men try to target Non-Muslim women, while denying the right of Muslim women to marry Non-Muslim men. This is known as love jihad, and has to do with the sexist and patriarchal mindset of the Muslim community.
      To counter this, reverse love jihad is needed.

          • Who r u to take care of our women. Just take care of ur womens not our womens.if u ppl try to ruin a muslim family nd take away a muslim daughter from her family we wont see it quietly.we r oppressed here nd we r targeted unnecesarily.we want to live with peace stop targetting us

  16. Here a misnomer is being spread out that muslim boys love hindu girls for changing their religion .The truth is that the prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam learnt us many chapter of real love which is not lie in religion it can be with christian,hindu,and ……But the matter of changing their religion is not that people do not force the girls to change their religion.There is a true story of my brother’s beloved she said that Muslim boys are very handsome and not hindu and hindu girls are very beautiful not muslim


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