Houses Made of Cow Dung can Protect from Nuclear Radiation: Judge


VYARA (Gujarat) – The Tapi district court’s additional sessions judge Samir Vinod Chandra Vyas while awarding punishment in a cows and bulls illegal transportation case observed that “Science has proved that houses made of cow dung can protect from nuclear radiation.”

Vyas in the order in the State Vs Mohammad Amin Anjum case, accounted for the benefits of cows. The judge pointed out that many incurable diseases can be cured by drinking cow urine. “Tridev is not different from the cow, religion is born from the cow, in today’s time organic farming is becoming popular in place of chemical fertilizer based farming, and organic farming can be done only with cow dung. Crops grown organically also protect human beings from many diseases,” he said.

He noted: “In the present time, there is a huge need for cows, when cattle are illegally transported and slaughtered, which is painful. Cows are slaughtered using electric machines so cows are in danger, non-vegetarians are eating cow meat.”

The accused was found guilty of illegally transporting cattle, and was awarded life term for transporting 6936 cows and 16 bulls. The order was pronounced on November 4, 2022. -IANS


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