House Converted into a Mosque in Karnataka; Saffron Leaders Protest


Muslim leaders claim that the property belongs to the Waqf Board

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BELAGAVI — BJP leaders, Sri Ram Sena members and local Hindu residents are up in arms against the conversion of a residential house into a mosque in Belagavi district of Karnataka.

According to reports, a house in Sarathinagar of Belagavi has been transformed into a mosque named ‘Fathima Masjid’ and handed over to the Waqf Board.

Former BJP MLA, Sanjay Patil, organised a meeting with the local Hindus in this regard and started a movement to remove the mosque from the residential locality.

Patil demanded that the district authorities remove the mosque that has come up in a residential area illegally, reports IANS.

The movement leaders alleged that the authorities had turned a blind eye to the development even as they were aware of the illegalities. In this matter, they claimed, the authorities have been pressured by the Congress MLA of Belagavi Rural constituency, Lakshmi Hebbalkar.

Sri Ram Sena founder Pramod Muthalik stated that he has no objection to building a mosque according to the law. “But, I can’t agree with the conversion of a residential house into a mosque”. He had given a week’s deadline for the removal of the mosque

Notably, the original owner had gifted the property to Moulana Abdul Kalam Educational and Charitable Society. Later it was converted into a mosque.

However, the corporation has issued a notice regarding the building license violation and carrying out religious activities on the property meant for residents. The Muslim leaders maintain that it was the property of the Waqf Board.


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