Hindutva Proponents Spread Hate and Justify Anti-Muslim Violence


Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati and other Hindutva ideologues make unsubstantiated claims in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar events vilifying and demonising the Muslim community

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NEW DELHI — As assembly elections in five states draw near, Hindutva proponents are doing everything in their realm to vitiate the atmosphere in the country and to polarise the voters.

Known Muslim baiters are indulging in hate speeches, vilification campaign against the minorities and are peddling false conspiracy theories implicating the Muslim community.

Hindutva Watch, an independent research initiative that documents hate crimes and hate speeches against religious minorities in the country, said speeches reviling Muslims were delivered by Hindu supremacist monk Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati at two different meetings in Bihar last week. Separately, Pankaj Singh, leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), targeted Muslim places of worship and made unsubstantiated claims of temples being captured by the Muslim community in India.

Similarly, hate speeches were delivered by Harishankar Jain, President of the Hindu Front for Justice, at an event in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Hindutva Watch reported on X platform (formerly Twitter) that last week speakers at events in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh peddled false conspiracy theories and justified as well as raised calls for violence against Muslims and spread a hateful divisive ideology.

At a Patna meeting in Bihar on October 29, Yati Narsinghanand demonised the Muslim community and justified the use of violence against Indian Muslims while using disinformation about the Israeli-Hamas war. In addition to this, he raised calls for taking up arms against Muslims.

“How many people want a similar situation for us where, just like in Israel, these thieves chopped off the heads of small children and play football with it? How many people want these wild thieves want these to rape their daughters and their sisters, kill them and rape their dead bodies? How many people want these people to kill us and eat our hearts? None of us want this. This is why we have to be ready to fight and stand up against these people,” he said.

Harping on his favourite theme of the declining number of Hindus in the country, he said: “If our population keeps on decreasing like this, then in 2029 itself, a Muslim will become the prime minister of India. They are also taking over our lands and our temples.”

At a separate meeting, the Hindu monk peddled unsubstantiated theories related to the Middle East crisis to give fire to the anti-Muslim sentiments prevalent in India. He raised calls for violence against Muslims and also spread false claims about ‘Love Jihad’.

He gloated over the Israeli massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza Strip and praised the Jewish state’s army for launching attacks on the civilian infrastructure in the besieged strip.

In Bihar’s Khagaria town, VHP’s Pankaj Singh  targeted the Muslim community by making misleading statements that Muslims were entrapping Hindu women.

“A very big syndicate is being operated in India through which Muslim men are entrapping Hindu women and converting them. These men (Muslims) then stay with them for 1 or 2 years and then move on to trap other Hindu women.”

In Lucknow, Harishankar Jain, President of the Hindu Front for Justice, targeted Muslim places of worship and made unsubstantiated claims of temples being captured by the Muslim community in India.

 “We have taken a resolution that we need to free the birth place of Lord Krishna and destroy that symbol of slavery. The common people of India cannot bear with that symbol of slavery for much longer,” he said.


He also advocated an economic boycott of Muslims. “It is own our choice to verify who we are going to buy merchandise from and who is our barber,” he said implying that Hindus should do business only with their own community members.  


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