Hindutva Goons Beat Youths in Muslim Majority Neighborhood of Delhi

Muslims protest against growing violence and attacks against Muslims int he country.

Caravan Daily 

NEW DELHI — Encouraged by the inaction against by the authorities, Hindutva gangs have become so bold as to take their gangsterism to the country’s capital itself especially to the Muslim dominated localities. Last night they attacked and seriously injured Muslim youths in Bara Hindu Rao— a  muslim majority area, Daily Indquilab has reported.


According to the daily, police has not even registered an FIR against anyone describing the incident only as a minor scuffle.

At about 11pm last night, Abdurrehman, a resident of Kedara which is a part of Bara Hindu Rao was along with his friend going on a bike towards Pahaadi Dheeraj, a Hindu majority area, when the goons standing there stopped them and asked their names. After learning that they were Muslims the goons got hold of Abdurrehman by his beard and dragged him in a dhaba and started beating him.

Abrurrehman’s brother Afaq said, “Dragging my brother by his beard they took him in a nearby dhaba and started beating him mercilessly. They pulled his beard so hard that some of the hairs came in the hands of the attackers and darkness fell before his eyes. He started yelling out in pain. Struggling to get himself free somehow he got hold of something and he threw it at the assailants that gave him chance to flee from there.”

Afaq further said, “Police arrived at the scene after Abdurrehman made three phone calls to them. Instead of taking the victims to hospital they took them to Sadarbazar police station. Even after being reminded by us that they needed medical aid police did not pay any attention. And we had to take them to hospital ourselves.”

According to the witnesses, a few yards away where Abdurrehman was being assaulted, another  Muhammad Saleem, from Bihar, was also being held and beaten where he had happened to come to buy ice cream.

Imam Attacked on Train

Meanwhile in yet another incident, a young Imam travelling in a train from Gaya was attacked and pushed out of the compartment.

Gulzar hanging on the train windwo

Gulzar Ahmad, originally from Bhagalpur, is an Imam in a mosque in Gaya. Yesterday he took a train to Bhagalpur. “When I boarded the train the compartment was quite empty. As more passengers arrived it started becoming crowded. About  an hour later after departure a young man came  to me and looked at me and abruptly pulled me by my collar with such a force that I fell down. As I fell others started shouting, ‘Maro, maro’ (kill him kill him).” Gulzar says.

He adds, “There were four to five women sitting there who took mercy on me and requested them to leave me alone. They left me but then some passengers started shouting, ‘take his mobile’, ‘tear his clothes.’  I kept quiet and did not utter a single word. Had I said something my fate would have been worse than Junaid. There was only a small group that had attacked Junaid, but here where I was, the whole train would have lynched me. Everyone was shouting, ‘A Muslim has no right to sit on a seat. Get him out of here. The speed of the train was very slow at that time. They threw out my luggage and pushed me out from the emergency exit. I then somehow managed to go down two compartments ahead hanging on the window.”


  1. It’s clear that the Muslims who were beaten by the Hindu goons in Pahadi Dheeraj of Delhi were innocent and they were targeted simply because they were Muslim. The Hindu goons, if asked by police and other Hindus, will perhaps say that the Muslim men appeared to be in “suspicious activities” and so they intercepted them. Ordinary Hindus and even police will hail such Hindus as heroes and finally no action will be taken against the culprits.

    In fact, police inaction against these Hindutva groups is the key reason why the Muslims across the country are being violently attacked and lynched across the country.

  2. The fresh incidents have happened after the strong statements of PM Modi and CM yogi
    Do they respect PM CM ?
    No actrions against them encourages them
    They appear to have amnesty?
    Sad Sad Sad

  3. The goons are members of.extremi st group o f BJP, it is more shameful that pice is indirectly coluding with the culprits,this has to come to an end,all like minded Indians should unite and form a defensive force to deal with such goons,and teach them lesson
    the words of PM,to stop these crimes are proved to be just gumlas,


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