Hindu Youth Poses as SIMI Man, Demands Rs 15 lakh from Govt. Engineer

Drone Kumar Sinha arrested for seeking Rs 15 lakh from an enginner in the name of SIMI.
Drone Kumar Sinha arrested for seeking Rs 15 lakh from an enginner in the name of SIMI.

BHOPAL –  After passing out from a local engineering college here, Drone Kumar Sinha was looking for job; so the 22-year-old posed as a SIMI man and attempted to take Bhopal Police for a ride in his desire to become rich instantly.

Thus the idea to write a letter to his landlord of three years for 15 lakh rupees struck his mind, prompting him to make even threatening calls to eliminate the entire family of the government engineer if the demand was not met. Immediately after sending the letter and making the threat call, he vacated the flat and shifted in the house of a Muslim friend in Ayodhya Nagar locality here.

“Allah, Raghuvanshi Ji, you are being informed that you have to pay Rs.15 lakh in next 24 hours. If you tried to become clever, it will be difficult for any member of your family to escape. This dictate has been issued to you by our organization SIMI – Abdul Bashir Ahmed, SIMI,” Sinha the ‘SIMI man’ was quoted as saying in the letter by the Crime Branch, which selectively released some texts. He was also produced before the media today.

The threat letter was sent to Mahesh Raghuvanshi of Shivaji Nagar, an executive engineer with Narmada Valley Development Authority, on 20th Oct at 8:27 am followed by an SMS to read the letter put in a Gold Flake cigarette box on bumper of his car at his house. Sinha lived in Raghuvanshi’s house for three years.

“Police got suspicious about Sinha after he vacated the flat of the complainant. He had made the threat call and vacated his house so we were observing him secretly,” a police official said. The police swung in action immediately due to fear of terror related incidents on the occasion of Dipawli.

Sinha, hailing from Patna, later even called Raghuvanshi to check if he had read the letter and again asked him to pay Rs.15 lakh in 24 hours otherwise his entire family will be eliminated prompting the police to trace his number and finally nab him.

During interrogation, he told the police that he came from Patna for studying engineering in JNCT Engineering College here and was searching for job and wanted to become rich instantly. — indiatomorrow.net


  1. Had this man been Muslim, police would have surely identified him in the charge-sheet as a “SIMI terrorist”, and he would have been implicated in at least half a dozen terrorism-related cases by now. All the contacts found on his mobile phone would have been marked as his accomplices.

    But, since he is Hindu, now there will be only a petty criminal case lodged against him.


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