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‘Hindu’ Word Origin Row: I Withdrew Statement to Avoid Damage to Party, Says Karnataka Congress Leader

I will try to prove my words in the coming days. I will meet historians in this regard, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee Secretary Satish Jarkiholi said. Jarkiholi had stated that 'Hindu' originated from Persia and it means dirty.

BELAGAVI — Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee Secretary Satish Jarkiholi stated on Thursday that he took back his statement on the origin of the word ‘Hindu’ only to avoid damage to the Congress party. “But, I will try to prove my words in the coming days. I will meet historians in this regard,” he added.

Jarkiholi had stated that ‘Hindu’ originated from Persia and it means dirty. The ruling BJP and Hindutva organisations slammed the statement and launched an agitation across the state. The Congress distanced itself from the statement and Jarkiholi has apologized and announced that he will take back his statement.

However, his latest statement is likely to create further controversy. “I had spoken at a private function and I didn’t think it would become such a big issue. But, I am a leader in the Congress party. The party should not be affected with my statements. That’s why I have apologized and taken back my statement,” he stated.

“The matter is not going to end here. Many have spoken to me. Even I have the responsibility of proving myself. I will do some research and I will convince my party leaders and everyone else. I have not jettisoned my principles,” he said.

“I have not made a hasty statement. I have done research before making the speech. There was pressure at the national and the state level to withdraw my statement and hence I apologized. I have discussed it with senior leaders. The party is bigger than me,” Jarkiholi asserted.

“The party will support me and the leaders are with me. My statements have become controversial. They have portrayed me and my party as anti-Hindu. I know who started it. I also realize that opposition parties will make an issue out of it. If it is left here, it is going to damage the party. There is a need for proving the facts and bringing out the truth,” he added.

Jarkiholi had stoked a controversy by stating that the word ‘Hindu’ is not Indian but ‘Persian’.

Addressing a function at Nippani town organised by the Manava Bandhutva Vedike, he questioned what is the connection between India and Persia? Hindu is not an Indian word at all. It is Persian. “How the word ‘Hindu’ went on to become ours needs to be debated,” Jarkiholi stated.

“The word is Persian belonging to Iran, Iraq and Kazakhstan. When things are like this, how can it become Indian? Look up in WhatsApp, Wikipedia, the word has arrived from Persia, it is not yours (addressing the gathering),” he maintained.

Why is the word glorified? Why is it being glorified? This is not your word. If you know the meaning of this word you will be ashamed. “The word Hindu means dirty. I am not telling this, a swamiji is telling it and this is on a website. The word from a different religion, region is being imposed on us forcefully, it should be debated,” Jarkiholi demanded. — IANS

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