Hindu Family Forced to Call off Daughter’s Wedding Reception After ‘Love Jihad’ Cry


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Rasika and Asif have already registered their marriage in court. Their families have vowed to stand with them

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NEW DELHI — A family in Nashik, Maharashtra, were recently forced to cancel the wedding of their 28-year-old daughter Rasika after an invitation card leaked and circulated in whatsapp groups.

According to Indian Express the whatsapp groups dubbed the marriage a case of “love Jihad” and threatened violence because the woman had chosen to marry a man of her choice— Asif Khan— who is a Muslim even as the wedding was to be conducted as per Hindu rituals.

“Love Jihad” is a bogus term to describe a conspiracy theory that Muslim men hoodwink women into love and marry for conversion to Islam. In recent months several BJP ruled states have enacted laws against interfaith marriages, effectively those involving Muslim men and Hindu women.

While the family cancelled the wedding function, they, however, stood their ground and vowed to support their daughter. The family have said there was no coercion from Khan for conversion and the marriage has already been registered in the court.

Rasika’s father Prasad Adgaonkar who is a jeweler, said that her daughter suffered from physical disability thus making it difficult for the family to find a match for her. Recently, Asif and Rasika started liking each other and decided to marry. The families luckily were known to each other for some years, so they accepted the decision of their children.
The two registered the marriage in a local court in the presence of their families and it was decided that the wedding would be held on July 18 before the woman leaves for her in-laws’ house.

But on July 9, Adgaonkar was asked by members of his community to meet him. In the meeting, they advised him to avoid function given that there was pressure from the community. The family gave-in and conveyed through a letter that the wedding had been called off.

According to Indian Express, Sunil Mahalkar, president of Lad Suvarnakar Sanstha, Nashik, to whom the letter was addressed, confirmed that they have received the letter about cancellation of the wedding.

The families have chosen not to involve police in the matter. However, they are firm on continuing with the marriage.


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