Hero’s Welcome to Subodh Kumar’s Lynching Accused “Insult” to Police: Ex-IPS Officer

Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh who was killed by a mob in Bulandshaher, Uttar Pradesh. — File phot

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

LUCKNOW – Retired Indian Police Officer S R Darapuri expressed his anguish over the hero’s welcome given to the accused in Inspector Subodh Kumar lynching case. Subodh Kumar was killed by a mob in Bulandshaher, Uttar Pradesh.

Daryapuri said the act of felicitating the accused person was not only “insulting” to a police officer but also “demoralising” the police.

“This shows that our society does not consider the culprits guilty as they are associated with a particular (Hindutva) ideology. They consider them as their heroes,” he said while speaking to the Caravan Daily.

He further said, “The kind of slogans raised on the occasion showed that these people belong to a particular ideology. This is a gross insult to the martyred inspector. He laid down his life while on duty but the society is cheering his killers. This is also a big demoralising for the police,” said 76-year-old Darapuri while talking to Caravan Daily.

On Saturday night, seven accused of the Kumar’s killing were given feted with garland amid slogans of “Vande Matram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” soon after they stepped out of the jail after getting bail. On the occasion, their supporters threw a party for them. Shikhar Agarwal, a member of Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Jitendra Malik, an Army man were among the seven accused released on bail.

Darapuri, who is also a political activist, blamed the government for such incidents. He said it’s the government which made heroes out of the culprits. the ruling party, he alleged had given respectability to the cow vigilantes and others. Since the ruling party made them heroes, their supporters in the society are bound to consider them as such. Hence, they are patting their back rather than condemning them.

“This (attitude) will neither serves the law and order nor society. it shows that the society’s mindset has been distorted,” he said.

Seeing such contradiction, he said he feels angry and irritation as an IPS officer. He is disturbed and asks himself what he and his fellow police officers got in return for serving the country. This is the reward given to them for dying while discharging their duties.

Asked why the police association is not coming forward to condemn such acts, he said there was no police association in UP. And the police officers are not allowed to express their opinion over issues such as this. Nevertheless, he called upon society to come forward to condemn such acts.

After the felicitation of the accused came to light, people have expressed their outrage over the incident. Kumar’s family members were shocked over sloganeering and garlanding of the culprits.

Several rights group like Rihai Mach, Socialist Party, and Lokrajniti Manch conveyed their concern over the bail given to the lynching accused.

“What message goes out if the accused of such crimes are granted bail in such a cavalier manner? Will not the people with the criminal minds, who are doing politics in the name of Hindutva, be emboldened? It seems such politicians are behind giving the people freehand to commit crimes against Muslims,” they said in a press statement referring to bails and acquittals in the cases of the mob lynching and other communal crimes.




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