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Hate Speech at Haryana Mahapanchayat: Plea to Cancel Jamia Shooter’s Bail

Rambhakt Gopal Sharma

‘Rambhakt’ Gopal Sharma gave call for violence against Muslims and abduction of Muslim women  

Waquar Hasan  | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Complaints were filed on Tuesday demanding police action and cancellation of the bail granted to Jamia shooter after he instigated a mob in Haryana to commit violence against Muslims and abduct Muslim women.

‘Rambhakt’ Gopal Sharma made the hate speech at a Mahapanchayat held in Haryana’s Pataudi village on Sunday, July 4.

Sharma is on bail after he was arrested for opening fire at the agitating students of Jamia Millia Islami in January last year.

On Sunday, he raised slogans like ‘Jab Mulle Kate Jayenge, Ram Ram Chillayenge’ (When Muslims will be murdered, they will chant ‘Ram Ram’). He also urged the cheering gathering to abduct Muslim women.

On Tuesday, transparency activist Saket Gokhale filed a police complaint at the Pataudi Police station demanding action against him under relevant sections of IPC.

“This is clearly a cognizable offense under IPC Sec 153A and 295A and requires an FIR to be filed at PS Pataudi under the Lalita Kumari guidelines set out by the Honorable Supreme Court India,” said the complaint after noting violent speech of Sharma.

Gokhale said the guidelines of Harayana Police require the SHO of the Pataudi police station to lodge an FIR on the basis of the complaint.

“If an FIR is not registered, the complaint will be escalated to DCP Manesar. Failing cognizance by him, a case will be registered with the judicial magistrate under Section 156(3) CrPC,” tweeted Gokhale.

On the other hand, the local police claimed that they have not received any complaint with regard to the Mahapanchayat.

“A Mahapanchayat was organised by heads of 3-4 villagers incl Suraj Pal Amu in Pataudi on Sunday where religious conversion was the agenda. 500-600 people took part in this meeting where a number of speeches were given. So far, we’ve not received any complaints,” said Manesar DCP.

Earlier on Monday, Gokhale had filed an application with Delhi Police, Principal Magistrate of Juvenile Justice Board and Delhi Commission of Protection for Child Rights (DCPCR) demanding the cancellation of the bail granted to him in the case of shooting at the Jamia students.

When he opened fire outside Jamia, he was reportedly 17-year-old. Hence, he was charged under the sections of Juvenile Act.

In his application for the cancelation of the bail, Saket said, “The incident described above demonstrates that the accused has no remorse for the previous and heinous crime that he was charged with and continues to be a danger to society with his acts of inciting violence against religious minorities”.

He pointed out that the parole failed to “keep a check on the activities of the accused and that the accused is committing further cognizable offenses openly despite already being charged with serious cognizable offences”.

He further said “It is, therefore, very clear that the accused being out on bail is not only a threat to law and order as well as the safety of civilians but also demonstrative of the fact that he continues to commit further cognizable offences with impunity and without any regard for the law. This not only displays a deranged mindset and fanatical indoctrination but also demonstrates an urgent need to have the accused remanded back to a juvenile home or correction centre in his interest as well as in the larger interest of society and law and order”.

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