Haryana Police Detains Wanted Cow Vigilante Monu Manesar in Gurugram


Sources said that the Haryana police will hand Monu Manesar over to the Rajasthan Police for further questioning.

GURUGRAM — Haryana Police on Tuesday detained Bajrang Dal member and sel-styled cow vigilante Mohit Yadav alias Monu Manesar in Gurugram.

However, as of now there has been no official confirmation from the Haryana Police about his detention.

Sources said that the Haryana police will reportedly hand Monu Manesar over to the Rajasthan Police for further questioning.

In a viral CCTV footage of Monu market two men, probably policemen, can be seen taking Monu Manesar with them in a friendly manner and without any resistance.

Monu Manesar is one of the prime suspects for the killing of two Muslims men Junaid and Nasir. The charred bodies of the two Muslim cousins were found in a vehicle in Haryana’s Bhiwani on February 16 this year.

A separate case was also registered against Monu Manesar in Gurugram under the relevant sections of the IPC including an attempt to murder at the Pataudi Police Station in Gurugram.

Monu recently hit the headlines when his name came to the fore in the recent Nuh violence, killing six people.

The clashes that erupted in Nuh during a religious procession which were ignited by rumours surrounding the attendance of a Bajrang Dal leader, Monu Manesar, who was wanted over his alleged role in the killing of two Muslim men.

Monu Manesar has been evading arrest since he was charged with the kidnapping and murder of the two Muslim men.

The charred bodies of suspected cattle traders Junaid and Nasir were found in a burnt car in Bhiwani. Their families in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur alleged they were beaten and killed by members of the Bajrang Dal; the group denies any involvement in the crime.

Monu is a prominent Bajrang Dal leader as well as a member of Haryana’s Gurugram administration’s special cow protection team task force.

The violence erupted after Monu Manesar had allegedly posted a video a few days ago of the Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra claiming he would attend the Nuh religious procession and appealing to his supporters to come out in large numbers.

Clashes between two groups broke out in Nuh on July 31 after a religious procession passing through the Nuh district was attacked in which six people, including two Home Guards and a Muslim cleric were killed and around 20 policemen injured in the violence.

“Monu is not involved in any case, Bajrang Dal workers are being harassed without any reason, we condemn it,” Vishva Hindu Parishad tweeted. — IANS

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