Haryana Man, Convicted of Assaulting Sikhs in Australia, Gets Hero’s Welcome Back Home

Vishal Jood, who was deported from Australia. — Twitter photo

A roadshow was organised in Karnal in his honour; BJP leaders have shared its video on Twitter

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – A man from Haryana Vishal Jood, who was convicted for assaulting Sikhs, has received a heroic welcome in India after he was deported for his involvement in hate crimes against Sikhs in Australia.

Vishal, who was deported on 15 October, was arrested in April after the investigation found his involvement in a series of hate crimes against the members of the Sikh community. He pleaded guilty to charges that included “assault, occasioning actual bodily harm in the company of others, and armed with the intention to commit an indictable offence”.

Sharing the report of Vishal’s deportation, Australian minister Alex Hawke said that attempts to undermine the social cohesion of his country will not be tolerated.

Back home, Vishal is given a heroic welcome after he landed in India. According to Times of India, a roadshow was organised in Karnal in his honour, which concluded at the Ror Dharamshala here, after Vishal reached Haryana on Sunday. Amid dhol (drum) beats, members of Vishal’s family, community, and his friends welcomed him, honouring him with garlands of flowers.

A video surfaced on social media shows Vishal is being ferried with a convoy of vehicles along with unfurling tricolor.

The video clip has been shared on Twitter by Hindutva leaders including BJP leaders. National Secretary of BJP’s youth wing Tejinder Singh Bagga called him ‘hero’ sharing the video clip.

Another blue tick Twitter user, who described himself as ‘Proud Hindu’, also welcomed Vishal sharing the video.

The heroic welcome to him has drawn outrage on social media.



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