65-year-old Samiuddin was brutally assaulted over cow slaughter rumor in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh on 18 June 2018.

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LUCKNOW: A new video of the Hapur lynching which left 45-year-old Qasim dead and 65-year-old Samiuddin seriously wounded on Monday confirms the charges of their families that they were assaulted over cow slaughter allegations. The local police had said it was a case of road rage.

In the one-minute video, elderly Samiuddin is being slapped by a mob. Members of the mob, mostly teenagers, are hurling filthy abuses at him and asking him to admit he and others were taking cows for slaughter. At times, some of the assaulters are pulling his beard. Blood is spilling out from several parts of his body. The mob is assaulting him and asking him to name other three who were with him. With abuses, the mob asks him if they were taking cows for slaughter, he denies and before he says further, he is again slapped on the face and hit in the stomach. He is recovering at a hospital in Hapur.

On Friday, their family members addressed a press conference in New Delhi and demanded justice.

The family of cattle trader Mohammad Qasim, who was brutally lynched, demanded arrest of all culprits and speedy justice in the case.


Caravan Daily has not verified the video independently.

“They (attackers) killed my brother brutally and mercilessly because he happened to be a Muslim and this is obvious from the video of his lynching. They were so merciless that they even denied water to my thirsty brother and hurled abusive language at him when he was dying. As we got to know about it, we reached the police station first and then the hospital where we found him lying dead,” said Qasim’s younger brother Mohammad Nadeem while addressing a press conference at the Press Club of India.

In the press conference, Samiuddin’s younger brother Mahruddin cornered the police for not telling them the correct whereabouts of his injured brother. He also alleged that someone took thumb impression of his brother at the hospital when he was almost unconscious.

“First we were told about a hospital and then another hospital but after some hours we got to know that Samiuddin was admitted in Devnandini hospital. When we reached there to see him, we found ink on his thumb. It seemed someone took his thumb impression on some paper. When I asked Samiuddin about this, he said he didn’t know about the impression,” Mahruddin told media.

Earlier, in a video that went viral on social media, Qasim can be clearly heard asking for water but the villagers surrounding him didn’t heed to him and he fell unconscious. Later, photos showed the mob dragging the half-dead body of Qasim while some cops marching ahead of the mob. After huge criticism, the Uttar Pradesh police apologized for the insensitivity shown by the cops to the victim and shunted them to police lines.

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