Hands Folded, Blood-Soaked Body: Pictures of Jharkhand Muslim Begging for Life Capture Brutality of Continuing Killings and New Mob Rule

aeem was the last of four people to be beaten to death on Thursday by villagers in Sobhapur, less than an hour’s drive from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand’s most populous city.(Manoj Kumar/HT Photo)

Mohammed Naeem is seen soaked in blood, pleading to villagers with folded hands to spare his life hours before he was beaten to death

B Vijay Murty | Hindustan Times

JAMSHEDPUR (Jharkhand) In the last photographs taken of him, Mohammed Naeem is pleading to a group of villagers as blood trickles down from his head. Half of his body is soaked in red. His shirt presumably ripped away, and dirt marks on his pants suggest he was kicked repeatedly. Hands folded, the father of three struggles to convince the people surrounding him that he is innocent.

But they lynch him anyway.

Naeem was the last of four people to be beaten to death on Thursday by villagers in Sobhapur, less than an hour’s drive from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand’s most populous city.

Another group of three were lynched less than 20 kilometres away.

Naeem’s last moments became the face of a string of attacks in the state triggered by rumours spread on WhatsApp that child abduction gangs are on the prowl.

Villagers, mostly tribal people, along the borders of Seraikela-Kharsawan, East Singhbhum and West Singhbhum districts picked up weapons such as sticks and bats, and were attacking strangers. Sobhapur falls under the Seraikela-Kharsawan district.

Two people were killed over similar suspicions earlier in the week. None of the victims were involved in kidnapping.

Naeem’s last moments bring back memories of Gujarat tailor Qutubuddin Ansari, whose image of pleading to a rioting mob in Gujarat in 2002 became the face of one of India’s worst communal violence. Ansari was rescued.

Naeem was not as fortunate.

A charred vehicle that was torched by angry people during a violent protest. (PTI Photo)

A resident of Ghatsila in East Singhbhum district, Naeem and his cattle trader companions were passing through Sobhapur early in the morning on Thursday.

Villagers along the Tata-Chaibasa road stopped their SUV, dragged the four people out and tortured them for four hours before killing them.

Naeem was the last to die, even though the police had reached the spot before the last of fatal blows landed on him.

Outnumbered, the police did not intervene.

Jalauddin said Naeem, his brother-in-law, was an affable man. He took good care of his aging parents and groomed his children well. Naeem’s wife is a deputy village head.

The family declined to accept a compensation of Rs 2 lakh offered by the district administration. They, and people in their villagers, demanded the chief minister meet them and promise justice.

c. Hindustan Times


  1. Humans are brutally killing animal friends for the sake of food….Compassion has completely disappeared….So whether animals or humans for humans is the same may be….So people are watching him get killed than to object the act….great humans on earth…..So if such things continue,our Mother Nature will show what she can do to teach a lesson to humans….So all humans be ready to face the severe punishment by Mother Nature…..Punishement can come in any form…..drought,floods,earth wake,cyclone,……etc etc

    • I’m not ashamed in the LEAST – this is nothing what happened to this Muslim. The number of Hindus who have died at the hands of Muslims is many million times more than this and don’t think we Hindus have short memory or have forgotten or forgiven.

        • This is not eye for an eye it is accused whose eye is eye
          Naeem was not accused now every one reading your statement can understand what u mean b eye for an eye if eye for an eye is followed all b punished

        • shame on you pratap for quoting MK Gandi’s statement on illogical incident which is purely related to Hindutva terrorism…Gau bhakshaks are simply killing even the cows are taking for milking at home or business, these saffron terrorists only want the proof that named-muslim should be caught with the cow then that will be his last day no matter what that muslim taking cow for, this is what the whole world watching, shame on you, who are again misguiding the ppl by such statement…

      • You people are more dangerous than wild animals. You call yourself you’re Hindus. We have a lots of problems especially in North India because most of the people are selfish. For your information’s, there was no Hindus religion exist before British came to India. At one point of time, we all were speaking the same language ( Tamil ) and following the same culture.

      • Maz bro, Hindus have been tortured and killed by Muslims is myth spreaded to fuel hatred in fools like you. There might have been rare incidences but not the way you idiots are thinking. Muslims ruled this land for over 800 years. If your claim were true, they would have very easily wiped out the Hindu population from India.

        • If that is your stance in killing muslims because muslims killed millions of Hindu.. I challenge your courage to do your mai bab British you killed countless Hindus and muslims when they ruled over India. But you coward still live in the shadow of slavery many 71 years British left India and readily bow down to them when you see white skin… but since you find muslims weaker as their situation now with BJP ruling … you think you can get away with murder… what a coward thought and act…😡😡

      • You are a criminal who takes the law into your own hands. This is not justice, this is called vigilante. You are full of hate and violence. People like you are responsible for these act. You should be behind the bars. Who is your Bhagwan who incites you to kill innocent people. This poor man is not responsible whatever happened centuries ago. He was innocent.

      • No Muslim died at the hand of THIS Muslim. That is the mistake you have made Maz. You have blamed all for the acts of some.

      • Where Hindus were killed by Muslim ? Besides Hinduism is not practising vigorously in India. If u r sensible than don’t spread such rumour. Hv some humanity. It’s not the question of Muslim Hindu Christian bouddah. All are human being . Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world . They should show their spiritual supremacy to other religion.

      • I wonder if there’s and need to reply to any of the negative comments…cuz they are arrogant and with a distinct sense of gloating for having gotten away with it!? Well let me tell you – you haven’t…the Muslims of India seem weak and unable to lash back at the Atrocities committed against them for reasons we’re aware of…and when its your turn (everything that goes around comes around) there will be no Mercy, for right now there doesn’t seem to be any! Just that Might is Right! Terrible, Horrific, Racist, Violent, Miserable, Mean, Cheapskate, Cruel, Occupying, Injustices Galore type Country….INDIA…Shame on it and may it break to bits to become 50 Countries!!!!

      • you hindus doesnot have anything except shit and lies in your brain ,let me remind there was never ever this kind of incident done by muslims ,but we need to do this kind of killing ,it is very important to have peace in india

    • I m proud Hindu & Hindustani..
      We are not ashamed of killing those threats ..if u are doing any eliigle activities .. we will destroy you in public ..

  2. What a shameful and a barbaric act by these extremist hindus! They are not better than talibans, isis or dahesh. They are simply Hindus talibans, Hindu isis and Hindu dahesh!

    It is very painful to experience these barbaric acts on daily base which will lead to clashed between Hindus and Muslims and the devil zionist will take full advantage by selling weapons. In the end we all people will loose everything we have build in the past 7 decades and the zionist west will gain everything from our clashes, conflicts and wars. Finally, we will be modern slaves who are freely moving, standing, eating and drinking but mentally slaves forever! The poorest people always pay the price for the rich and wealthy man’s dirty politically games!

    May Allah bless our people and our countries so we can live in peace and fight our real enemies! Elahi Ameen/Amen

    Jahangir Shah

  3. Who are the remaining three victims? What is their religion?
    Why are you equating this mob attack to a communal clash?

    • You have a point. This is after all not communal. But even then nothing justifies any sort of killing. May People come to their senses and learn compassion.
      Sorry brother, truly sorry on behalf of this mankind.

  4. We aren’t in the medieval ages. A group of unruly men are not supposed to provide justice. Lynching someone just based on suspicion ?? Have people lost their fckng mind ? Ahamed

    • When liberal hypocrites have appeased a minority group that believes it can do anything – attack temples in India, commit genocide against Hindus, burn the majority community in trains and thinks slaughtering cows is their right – as if their Islam was born in India and Hindus are the minority , people will take things into their own hands. This is just the beginning – don’t think that this is just because of the BJP. BjP is just another expression of Hindu consolidation – and no “political party” or “police force” can change the mood. If today Nehru himself walked from his grave and slaughtered a cow people would lynch him just like this fellow without hesitation.

      • Typical low educated thug! I bet he’s one if the extremist thugs attacking innocent people as long as he has a mob with him, oh and by the way, i eat cows everyday! Had a nice beef burger the other day, today im going to have a nice fat steak……oh wait maz, is that supposed to be your mother? In that case, im going to lick it all over first before i eat it. Lol

      • You imply that it is right to kill people because they slaughter cows, why you don’t kill your Government who sells those so called mother cows of yours just for money!

      • Shame on you. You disgust me.

        Killing a human either he’s hindu or Muslim must be condemned. How can you justify this killing?

  5. This is absolutely unpardonable. Such lawless kangaroo courts will never solve anything. The police are squarely to blame for not preventing this tragedy. It is, unfortunately, being given a communal angle, whereas the article clearly states that the TRIBAL mob lynched them on suspicion of being child lifters. The guilty MUST be punished severely.

    • This was not a trial- there was no court- this was just “reaction” to past actions. The days when Hindus sat silently and allowed the Mohammedan to continue plotting terrorists attacks and opening slaughter houses for beef is over.

      • You are a dirty facists, racists and religious fanatics by nature which your words shows here. You are arrogant and your mind developed vengeance and cursing. Try to be civilised and cultural. Don’t talk senseless and idiotic.

      • Bhakt come to your sense, all muslim rulers army had more Hindu soldiers than Muslim, and always foreigners travel India and wrote history no genocide as Gujrat, Bhagalpur, Merut, Kanpur, Aligarh, Jabalpur, Jammu is mentioned,but above massacre are mentioned. Only in Jammu The Hindu king Hari Sing in 1946-47 killed 6-7 lakh Muslim in a week’s time.

  6. C the heading…
    Jharkand MUSLIM… There were others also…Shame on this news media…Just to create communal violence and thoughts…
    Am totally against wht happened …They lynched as they suspected as child abductors… Blame the authorities as for earlier abductions those assholes remain mump as the people now hearing news take law in their own hands… Wht to do…What ever happened is bad and shld have been avoided… Sad

  7. What is strange in the article is the fellow writer highlighted Hindu and Muslim in fact not Hindu but he highlighted Muslim batting For life,
    People whi killed this guy Are aaumed to be Hindus however there might be a possibility that they are from a different religion,
    It is a Barberric act and definitely be considered for punishment but what is even shameful is the way media highlighted the religion and not the act

  8. See.. Whatever happened (matter is still unknown),is seriously condemnable..but for God sake..dont make it a communal issue.. He might not have been beaten here just because hez muslim. Matter is still unknown and dont anybody try to be judgemental here without knowing even a single clear fact.This stupid e-news channel has tried to provoke the communal tension in the country by copying this news (ditto) from Hindustan times with the addition of ‘ muslim’ word in the title of the news…Simply unauthentic antinational channel, it is..

  9. India is a big democratic country in the world, and Mr N. Mody and his predecessors are the safeguarders of the Indian democracy.

  10. God said love thy neighbour, the devil said kill thy neighbour, the zions rule the world and guess which team they support of the two? No murderer is with God and no-one hailing such acts are either. Yt’s upto you to save your own Souls not expect others to save it for you.

  11. Oh many thanks for my parents for NOT letting me travel all the way down to India! Your films are just episodes taken from a lavish and posh life of the rich which constitute only 000.1 % if not less! Why to mock yourselves like that!? The whole world knows what’s going on and you guys still want to develop your tourism industry! Lol
    Sad very sad how you treat your own CITIZENS!!!!
    P.s. I’m damn sure there are more pivotal issues in your country to solve than a minority Muslim group’s existence peacefully!!!

  12. This is nothing compared to what the Brahmins have done to Dalits for 2000 years; kept them jahil and stupid and unable to think. The Muslim men are no worse than Brahmin men; stupid religions!

  13. Regardless of anyone’s religion or race, this kind of barbaric act does not have any place for the human race. We came far away from the dark age civilization. Still, we are dealing with ruthless, barbaric behavior by our fellow human by the name of race, gender, and religion. Attacking and killing any human this way beyond a word can explain. Respectively, every society is responsible, whenever the barbaric act takes place anywhere in the world. It’s not the answer and solution to attack back because the others have attacked my group. Action should be how we can stop those who commit the barbaric act by the name of whatever someone’s belief authorize those people to do it. Even though anyone does not belong to that particular sect or religion, but as a human, we have a moral obligation to fight back against barbarism. Every race, religion, and country has it’s own Nazi, and there is no room for it in the world.


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