Gurugram Muslim Family, Victim of Mob Attack, Decides to Stay Back in Bhondsi

Members of the victim family with injuries. — File photo

The mob attack on the day of Holi had left the family traumatized, however, after having meetings with local administration and police, the Muslim family decides not to leave their Dhumaspur residence

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

GURUGRAM — After a series of meetings with the local administration and police, the Gurugram Muslim family, which had been attacked by a mob during Holi, has decided to stay back in Dhumaspur, Bhondsi, the family sources informed Clarion India.

“SDM and SP have assured that there won’t be any such issues in future. They have said that they will provide us with security. SP had even called us to their office,” said Mohammed Akhtar, one of the senior family members.

After a brutal attack by a group of around 30 to 40 people, the family members were planning to leave the city and return back to their native village in Uttar Pradesh. However, they maintained that the SP and the SDM, whom they met, assured them of providing both security and justice. Therefore, they have dropped their plan to leave Dhumaspur.

Local MLA Tej Pal Tanwar from the Bharatiya Janata Party had also visited the victim’s house and assured them of safety.

“We had decided to leave the city but the local MLA said that he is with us. There is no problem here. He told us not to leave the city. So we decided to stay back,” said Dilshad, while talking to Clarion India. During the attack, Dilshad had sustained serious head and hand injury.

He also added, “The police has assured us of security. They have also deputed some policemen outside our house.” He also added that the attackers are powerful musclemen of the area. The family was in utter shock when a cross-FIR was lodged against them.

“We did not get a copy of the FIR. We were told about it. We talked to SDM about the FIR. They said that they will look into the case and will not let any harm happen to us,” he said while talking about the FIR lodged against his family members – Mohammed Abid Khan and Amir Khan.

In the cross FIR, the prime accused Rajesh in the Gurugram attack case has alleged that he had been beaten up by Dilshad’s family members. But Dilshad denied of any such attack. “The FIR is false and baseless. If we had had a fight with anyone, then we would have closed our doors and not allowed anyone to enter our home. It would have been on our mind that we have hit someone so they will come back to hit us. The mob of people barged into our house when we were sitting there.”

The attack happened on March 21, when people were celebrating Holi. The family members including women and children were brutally thrashed by the mob in which 11 members of the family sustained serious injury. The attack caught the national attention after the video of the attack went viral.

Fifteen years ago Mohammed Jamshed came to Gurgaon from Bhagpat in UP in search of livelihood. He set up a shop to repair cooking gas stoves in Ghasola village and later opened furniture shop. Soon his brothers joined him and they established their business in the city and built a two-storey house in Bhoop Sing Nagar village.

According to the latest PTI report, the family is being pressurized to withdraw FIR, however, the family members have threatened to commit suicide if the FIR is withdrawn.


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