Governor, Minister in War of Words at Kerala University Senate Meeting


Accusations of criminal behaviour and political clashes ensue at the meeting.

Team Clarion

KOZHIKODE – Kerala, known for its tranquil backwaters and vibrant culture, has found itself embroiled in a heated controversy on Tuesday as state Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s presence at the Kerala University Senate meeting sparked a controversy.

The meeting, intended to address academic matters, quickly devolved into a political battleground as accusations flew between Governor Khan and Higher Education Minister R. Bindu.

Governor Khan is the chancellor of the university, while Bindu holds the position of pro-chancellor.

The discord erupted when Minister Bindu accused Governor Khan of criminal behaviour, citing alleged interference in university affairs. Tempers flared as the minister claimed that the governor’s actions were undermining the autonomy of the academic institution. In a pointed remark, Minister Bindu emphasised the need to uphold the integrity of educational institutions, stating, “We cannot allow external forces to dictate the functioning of our universities.”

Governor Khan vehemently denied the accusations, asserting his commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and the rule of law. He countered the allegations by highlighting the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability within the education sector. Khan reiterated his stance on promoting academic excellence and fostering an environment conducive to intellectual growth.

The exchange of accusations underscored the deep-rooted political tensions in Kerala, with both sides refusing to back down. The confrontation mirrored broader ideological divides, with each party attempting to assert its authority over educational policies and practices. The clash between the governor and the education minister symbolised a larger struggle for power and influence within the state’s political landscape.

Amidst the turmoil, voices of concern emerged from within the academic community, calling for a resolution to the escalating conflict. Prof. Sharma, a prominent faculty member at Kerala University, expressed dismay over the politicisation of higher education. “Our universities should be bastions of free thought and inquiry, not arenas for political showdowns,” he remarked, urging stakeholders to prioritise the welfare of students and scholars.


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