Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Parveen Shakir on Her 67th birthday


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NEW DELHI — Legendary Urdu poet Parveen Shakir was remembered on her 67th birth anniversary across the literary world on Sunday. Google also celebrated the birthday of the great poet, who was born and lived in Pakistan, with some beautiful artwork that depicted her best works.

Google Doodle pays creative tribute to Parveen as each panel illustrates a volume written by the poet; , Khushbu (Fragrance), Sad-barg (Marsh Marigold), Khud Kalami (Talking To Oneself), Inkaar (Denial), Kaf-e-Aina (The Mirror’s Edge), and Mah-e-Tamaam (Full Moon).

Shakir was born on November 24, 1952 in Karachi. She was regarded as a pioneer for defying tradition by expressing the “female experience” in Urdu poetry.

Parveen Shakir. (1952-1994)

During her educational career, Shakir earned three master’s degrees in English Literature, Linguistics and Bank Management, and a PhD in Bank Administration.

Shakir was the first female poetess who expressed emotions and feelings of a young girl in a realistic manner. Spontaneity in expression was the hallmark of her poetry.



‘Khushbu’ gave her a dream start and then she never looked back. She employed mainly two forms of poetry in her work, ghazals and free verses. Her poetry is a subtle and beautiful combination of classical traditions and modern sensitivity.

Parveen Shakir was awarded the Adamjee Literary Award in 1976 for Khusbu. She later received the Pride of Performance award for her outstanding contribution to literature, according to The Dawn.

Her ascending career in Urdu poetry met with an abrupt end as she died in an unfortunate road accident on December 26, 1994 in Islamabad at the age of 42 years only.





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