Global Muslim Group’s Posters at UN Office Highlight Rights Abuses in India


Through this visual statement, we aim to highlight the urgent need for justice, equality, and an end to human rights violations in India, says International Council of Indian Muslims (ICIM) President Rasheed Ahmed

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NEW DELHI — The International Council of Indian Muslims (ICIM) and the Universal Human Rights Council (UHRC) have put up posters and banners in front of the United Nations building in Geneva to highlight human rights abuses in India.

“This visually striking display aims to shed light on the human rights violations occurring in India,” said Haroon Qasim, ICIM executive director, in a press statement on Sunday.

ICIM describes itself as a global coalition of leaders, civil society advocates, and academics committed to universal values of human rights and religious freedom, working to promote social cohesion.

The posters put by the group highlight the related to state-sponsored arbitrary demolition of houses of Muslims, police violence against, killings and displacement of thousands of families in Manipur and attacks on journalists.

“Persecution of Muslims, Christians, Tribals, Sikhs”, “Systematic Targeting of Muslim Houses and Businesses By The Indian Government Is Violently Displacing Muslims”, “One More Journalist Killed” and “Churches are Burning in Manipur” the posters said. These posters carry photos of houses being bulldozed, police attacking protesters, a burnt church and Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari.

“This joint initiative is a testament to the power of collective action in pursuit of justice and equality. By bringing together activists, human rights groups, and the international community, we refuse to turn a blind eye to the injustices faced by Indian minority communities,” said Qasim.

Talking about the event, Rasheed Ahmed, ICIM President, said: “The situation in India calls for attention and these protest banners are a reflection of the state of affairs of hundreds of millions of Indian citizens. Through this visual statement, we aim to highlight the urgent need for justice, equality, and an end to human rights violations. We call upon leaders, policymakers, and individuals to join us in this collective work for a better world.”

Qasim stressed that the protest banner event invites individuals from all walks of life to come together, take a stand, and be part of a movement that works for a world where human rights are universally respected. “It serves as a reminder that change begins with each of us and that our voices, united, have the power to bring about tangible and lasting change,” the press release said.

The posters have been put up in view of the ongoing 53rd session of the Human Rights Council that will continue till 14 July.

Addressing a panel discussion at the United States on press freedom during the ongoing session, representative raised the issues related to the ban on BBC documentary, harassment of independent journalists and the central government’s abusive policies against Muslims and Christians.

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