Global implications of US shutdown


us-shutdownBy Robert Clements

There have been different reactions to the US government shutdown all over the world.

In England where sunny days are rather rare, the Prime Minister looked out of his window, “That Obama gets away with a lot of things!” he grumbled. “Imagine just shutting down the government and having a holiday! Lucky bloke, here I can’t shut the government for even a day, in case the queen or her son and now her grandson or great grandson decide they will rule Britannia again!”

“Yeah you got to be careful, it could be Camilla who might want to and the British would never forgive you for that!”

PM David Cameron looked enviously in the direction of the Americas.

   In India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stared at his missus, “I can’t understand why they’re making such a fuss about a government shutdown, ours has been shut down for the last four years and nobody knows the difference!”

   Narendra Modi in his home state was jubilant, “Bring me a map! Bring me a map of the world!” he shouted. A map was brought for him and he spread it on his table like a general outlining strategy for a battle.”Now give me a paint brush dipped in tar!”

   Modi picked up the paintbrush and smeared the whole of America with it. “That’s it!” he said triumphantly, “America is no more!”

“How is that possible sir?” asked his PA.

“A shutdown means it is no more!”he said triumphantly, “Didn’t I do an Advani shut down?”

“Wasn’t that a shut up sir?” asked his PA timidly.

“Shut up! Shut down! What is the difference? You tell me? Now I have no need for an American visa because, see the map, there is no America! It is shut out!”

  In Afghanistan the Taliban danced on the streets, “We have shut down America!” they shouted.

In North Korea, the same was printed in all the government controlled newspapers, “We have shut down America!”

  In America Obama scratched his silver lined head, “This is not good!” he said.

“I know dear it isn’t!” said his wife.

“If this goes on, I may lose a lot of weight!” he said worriedly.

“If this goes on you could lose a lot of votes!” she said quietly.



“What are you talking about?” asked Obama.

“What are you talking about?” asked Michelle.

“I’m talking about eating your cooking everyday, because the government can’t pay our kitchen staff!” cried the President of the United States of America, “I just can’t handle these shut downs!”

Like I said there have been different reactions to the American government shutdown all over the world. Including the White House..!

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