Ghaziabad Administration Wakes up to Yati’s Delhi Jama Masjid Foray


In a video, the hate monger is seen talking about his plans to visit Delhi's Jama Masjid on June 17 with religious books of Islam.

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NEW DELHI – Video of a prominent Hindutva hate figure Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati giving a controversial statement has gone viral on social media. In the video, the hate monger, who happens to be the head of Dasna Devi Temple in Ghaziabad, is seen talking about his plans to visit Delhi’s Jama Masjid on June 17 with religious books of Islam.

After the video came into limelight, the Ghaziabad administration swung into action, and considering the gravity of matter issued a notice to the Hindutva activist on behalf of the Deputy District Magistrate Ghaziabad. The notice was sent to him through Police Station Mussoorie.

The video shows him saying he will reach jama masjid on the 17th alone with Islamic books, the Quran and CDs. He challenged the religious leaders of the Muslim community to discuss what was written in their religion.

Expressing his grouse with Muslims in a his typical style, Yati went on to say, “We don’t want to mention anything about their prophet, but what is true has to be spoken. When people insult our gods and goddesses, spread false rumours, no one says anything. People of the Muslim community target us on our words somewhere.”

Anticipating a threat to law and order situation from his Jama Masjid plans on the 17th, the Ghaziabad administration issued him the notice which clearly states that the schedule to visit the mosque may disturb peace and order, so the proposed programme should be cancelled.

The notice read: “There are possibilities of spreading enmity, malice between different communities with this statement of you, so do not issue such a statement. Otherwise, you will also be subjected to legal action.”

While the controversy arising from his video threat is yet to be pacified, Narsinghanand issued another video questioning the leaders of the state as well as the country. He asked when someone makes any comment about gods and goddesses of Hindus, the animosity does not increase but he gets notices when he wants to go to Jam Masjid alone, that too, unarmed.

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati.


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