Gandhian Principles of Congress are in DNA of Ladakh People: Rahul


KARGIL — Senior Congress leader and Lok Sabha member, Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that the people of Ladakh speak from their heart and the Gandhian principles of Congress are in their DNA. 

Addressing a public meeting in Kargil, Rahul said, “Some months back, we marched from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. We called it ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. 

“Our slogan was that in an atmosphere of hatred, we have come to sow the seeds of love and coexistence. The march was not to stop at Kashmir. 

“We were to come to Ladakh, but the administration told us that the weather was inclement and not favourable for our march to Ladakh. We agreed.

“Now we have come here. People come to Ladakh to say their thing, but I have come to listen to the people of Ladakh. I have travelled the entire Ladakh on motorcycle during this visit and I find that the spirit of Gandhiji and his principles are in your DNA. 

“Labourers from different parts of the country are working in Ladakh. I asked them how they felt away from their home working in temperatures that sometimes drop to minus 30 degrees. They said Ladakh is their second home. Whenever they have any problem shooting stones or whatever, the people of Ladakh come to their help like brothers. 

“You have told me that you are being denied local representation. Wherever you go in Ladakh and meet youth, they say that the promises of employment were never fulfilled. The result has been that Ladakh is an epicentre of unemployment. 

“You have also spoken about the local connectivity. You have an airport, but no aircraft lands here. 

“Ladakh has a huge potential for solar energy. BJP knows it, if you have local representatives then BJP cannot take your land so that Adani can set up his projects here. The whole issue is of land. 

“Ladakh is a strategic place. When I visited the Pangong Lake, I realised that China has taken away hundreds of kilometres of our land. The Prime Minister told the all party meeting that not an inch of land has been taken by China. 

“The people of Kargil have always stood by their country in times of war. For us, people of all regions and religions of the country are one and all of them must live in peace and brotherhood”, he said. 

Rahul said the Congress stands firm with the people of Ladakh and will fight for their demands. 

He ended his speech by saying, “I have travelled to every part of the country. Let me tell you that Ladakh is the most beautiful place in India”.  – IANS

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