Future Shock: Why Election 2019 May Very Well Decide the Future of India


AAZEEN F KIRMANI | Caravan Daily

WITH the inclusion of the terror accused Pragya Thakur and her public display of affection for independent India’s first terrorist Nathuram Godse, General Elections 2019 were not mere elections. They were the paternity test of the nation and results will decide whether Mahatma Gandhi retains his fraternal rights or do they get accorded to his killer Godse.

It is with bated breath and much trepidation that I wait for the Lok Sabha election results due on 23rd May. Surely I am not the only one in this state of mind. Everyone concerned with the future of this nation is sitting on the edge as of now, wondering what direction the country will move after tomorrow (May 23). Will it accelerate on the devastating path it started on five years ago or will it switch lanes and tread in a somewhat tolerable direction.

I say somewhat tolerable because the contest between Congress, BJP and the Mahagathbandhan is not the contest between good and evil. It is largely a contest between lesser evil and greater evil. For all his peaceful talks and gentleman’s politics (which no doubt is a relief) Rahul Gandhi in complete disregard of Sikh sentiments had Kamal Nath appointed as the CM of Madhya Pradesh. Surely Nath was not the last man available for the job and Gandhi could have taken a more secular decision.

For members of minority communities it’s enough though that the contenders against Modi have not overseen genocide, do not incite hatred openly and their supporters do not burn the Constitution of India. Also, they are making a record of following haters, genocide callers and misogynist rape threat givers on social media.

The parties in Mahagathbandhan more or less tick all the right boxes but unfortunately, their nuptial knot does not come with a guarantee card. As a marriage based on convenience rather than on conviction, it is most susceptible to the lures of adultery.

It’s a major flaw of the election process that elected MP can change loyalties and political parties having garnered votes on the basis of their affiliations can withdraw support from the coalition later on. Horse trading has the potential to hurt a democracy fatally. It is surprising that the makers of the Constitution when they decided upon the election process left this gaping loophole unattended.

For now, we have loitering EVMs, claims of swapping and hacking, videos of guided voting in the booth and above all a discordant Election Commission. This is more than enough to conclude that at stake in these elections is the very idea of democracy.

Tomorrow shall tell. Till then it’s an agonizing wait.

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