Former CBI Chief Nageswara Rao Faces Wrath of Twitterati for Abusing Swami Agnivesh

Former CBI Chief M Nageswara Rao — IANS file photo

Journalist Sidharth Vardarajan said it was “disgusting” that this man (Rao) was made head of CBI by the Modi government in 2018.

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NEW DELHI — A former controversial chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has once again stirred up a hornet’s nest on social media by terming peace activist Swami Agnivesh’s death on Friday as a “good riddance”.

Hours after Agnivesh’s death, M. Nageswara Rao, former CBI interim director and senior IPS officer, posted a tweet which said the swami was an Anti-Hindu donning saffron clothes. “You did enormous damage to Hinduism. I am ashamed that you were born as a Telugu Brahmin.”

Agnivesh, a practising and devout Hindu, was a peace activist who raised his voice against bonded labour. He was a prominent voice who wanted peace between India and Pakistan.   In 2018, a gang of Hindutva extremists mobbed and beat up Agnivesh at an event in Jharkhand.

The tweet invited sharp reactions from civil society activists, politicians and ordinary people who said that Rao’s comments were disgusting.

Civil rights activist Harsh Mander said he was sad to see Rao’s comments.

Historian Irfan Habib told Rao that what he was saying is not Hinduism.

Journalist Sidharth Vardarajan said it was “disgusting” that this man (Rao) was made head of CBI by the Modi government in 2018.

Rao was made CBI chief when there was a controversy between Director General Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said she was shocked to read these comments by a former police officer.

Social activist from Hyderabad Khalida Parveen said she found it unbelievable that Rao was a police officer. “Shame on you. Your morality is dead,” she wrote.

Earlier, too, the former CBI chief was involved in a controversy after he posted a tweet saying Indian history has been tampered. Critics said his reading of the history was ‘communal’.

Rao claimed that education minister mentioned Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Humayun Kabir, M.C. Chagla, Fakruddin Ali Ahmed and Nurul Hasan had “de-Hinduised” every aspect of education and public instruction and that there was even “Abrahamisation” of the NCERT syllabus.

His statements have been described as a violation of service rules that public servants must follow.

Rao, a 1986 batch IPS officer, was accused of financial irregularities in 2016 when he was posted in the Fire Service Department in Orissa. He has also been accused of violating professional integrity during his stay at CBI. It is believed that his inclination towards the right-wing has helped him find a shield against his actions.


  1. Rao was a great person what he said about the fake swami is right swami is evil dead. Those who are commenting on rao are anti national and dangerous to India


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