Five More ‘SIMI Terrorists’ Killed in Telangana ‘While Trying to Escape’

File photo of five terror suspects who escaped from a jail in Madhya Pradesh in October 2013.
File photo of five terror suspects who escaped from a jail in Madhya Pradesh in October 2013.

HYDERABAD – A week after two SIMI activists shot dead three cops and left another battling for life, Telangana State Police on Tuesday killed five persons who were associated with SIMI and other radical organizations when they allegedly attacked their police escort while being brought to Hyderabad for a court hearing, near Jangaon in Warangal district, 100 kms away from Hyderabad. Among the dead is Vikaruddin Ahmed, who allegedly killed two cops and terrorized them in Hyderabad by targeting them whenever possible, reported Indian Express,

Warangal Range DIG B Malla Reddy said: “These five were to be produced before the VIIth Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge at Nampally Court in Hyderabad in connection with a 2009 case. The bus carrying them with a heavily armed escort left the Warangal Central jail at 8:40 am. At 10:30 while they were near Jangaon, Vikaruddin requested for a halt as he wanted to answer nature’s call.

“Reserve Sub-Inspector Uday Bhaskar took off his handcuffs and took him out and when they returned he was about to handcuff him again when Vikaruddin snatched the AK-56 rifle that the RSI was carrying. However, the RSI managed to pull off the magazine in the scuffle but the four remaining undertrials pounced on two other policemen nearby and tried to snatch their weapons. The other policemen in the bus retaliated and shot them dead,’’ DIG Reddy said.

The DIG also claimed that Vikaruddin and his associates, continuously incited the armed escort by spitting at them, taunting and abusing them as soon as they started from Warangal. The four others dead are Mohammed Zakir, Sayed Hashmat, Izhar Khan and Sulaiman. They all have several aliases.

A former SIMI activist and member of the radical social outfit Darsgah Jehad O Shahadat (DJS) Vikaruddin made some daring attacks on police pickets on the anniversaries of Babri Masjid and Mecca Masjid blast. In December 2008, he opened fire and injured three policemen manning a picket near Santoshinagar. On May 18, 2009, he allegedly shot dead a Home Guard while on May 14, 2010, he shot dead a constable at Shah Ali Banda. According to police, Vikaruddin had started a fringe fundamentalist organization calling itself Tehreek Galba E Islam that has ties with DJS. Police had announced a reward for any information on him. He was arrested in July 2010 from the house Dr Mohd Hanif, a sympathizer. Based on information given by him, his brother Sulaiman and three others, who belonged to his organization and helped him in his operations, were arrested.

5 SIMI activists shot dead on way to court in Telangana


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