FIR Lodged, Saffron Flags Removed from Mosque, Eidgah in Muzaffarpur


“Now the purpose of our festivals is to humiliate Muslims? Think what they must be feeling looking at our “celebrations”,” a poet and journalist, Kaushik Raj, wrote on his Twitter account.

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NEW DELHI – Police in Muzaffarpur, Bihar have lodged an FIR in connection with two incidents of hoisting saffron flags on a mosque and an Eidgah during Ram Navami celebrations.

The incident came to light after a video surfaced on social media graphically depicting the incident that took place in Muhammadpur village of the Muzaffarpur district. In the video, a man can be seen planting a saffron flag atop the Dak Bangla after climbing scaling its minaret. A large number men armed with swords can be seen cheering the offensive act.

Muzaffarnagar’s is not an isolated incident. Attacks on Muslims and their religious places were reported from different parts of the country during the Ram navami celebrations. Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand etc.

In a similar incident, Hindutva zealots reportedly planted saffron flag on the minaret of an Eidgah in Asvaribanjriay village of Muzaffarpur. A video shared by a journalist, Uttkarsh Singh, on his Twitter handle shows that a saffron flag is being removed in the presence of the police.

Communal tensions are said to have flared up in the village after the saffron flag was hoisted at the Eidgah. However, timely police intervention and the removal of the saffron flag brought the situation under control.

When contacted by Clarion India, Muzaffarpur SP refused to part with any information related to the case or the action taken by the police therein.

However, SP Jaykant, while speaking to the mainstream media, said that the police had lodged an FIR in connection with both the incidents. He also said that the police have identified people from the viral video and will take action against them.

However, the incidents have drawn sharp reactions on social media.

Sharing the video, poet and journalist, Kaushik Raj, said, “Every Hindu must watch this video and ask themselves how are we okay with this? Now the purpose of our festivals is to humiliate Muslims? Think what they must be feeling looking at our “celebrations” and speak up against this”.

Writer Vaibhav Vishal said such communal incidents would not happen during the time of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

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