Fight Scourge of Communalism, Urges Jamaat Chief Saadat Hussaini

Jamat-e-Islami Hind chief Syed Saadatullah Hussaini. — File photo

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NEW DELHI — Expressing his grave concerns over the situation prevalent in the country, National President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Syed Saadatullah Hussaini has called upon all justice-loving people of the country to come to the fore to stem the poison of communalism from the society. He urged them to make efforts to bring different communities together and try to bridge the gap among them.

In an interview with AlterNet media, Hussaini said, “At this time, the biggest responsibility of the justice-loving people is to stop the communal poison from spreading, to bring closer different sections of the society and create an atmosphere of understanding and dialogue. The bridges should be formed between different communities. Closeness between communities should be promoted”.

Talking about the fundamental issues that the Muslims are facing, he said that the biggest issue for the Muslims today is the development and empowerment. They should become empowered economically, socially and politically.

Speaking on the adverse situations Muslims are facing, he said that Muslims should not be victim of the adverse situation. Whatever the situation they are facing, they should discharge their duties and responsibilities. They should spread the message of Islam in every situations. They should continue their struggle to make the situation better. Only lamenting the adverse situation will increase the hopelessness.

Talking about the solutions of the communalism, Hussaini said, “this menace cannot be solved only through political efforts during election time. Because, the communalism is not only political phenomena but it has become social phenomena. The political results are the outcome of social realities and situations. We will have to be concerned to bring changes in that social fabric. We should end the increasing gap among communities at the social level. We should communicate the right information related to Islam and Muslims to others. The politics will change if the society changes”.

Revealing his aim to make Jamaat a powerful voice for truth and justice, he said that he wants to see the Jamaat emerge a powerful voice for the truth, justice and Islam in the country. And the society feels the impact of it. The message of the Jamaat is for the entire society. The Jamaat wants to establish peace and brotherhood in the society. It wants to spread the message of Allah for all human beings. These are the aims of Jamaat-e-Islami. He said that he wants the impact of these aims on the society and it appears to be changing according to these principles.

He urged the Muslim community to act and follow the universal aims that Allah has set for them. That universal aim will help them to come out of the crisis as the community is facing. They should focus on their education. “The centre of the power of any community is its aims and ambition. Aimless community never progresses,” he said. He also urged people to use social media for good purposes.




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